A Terrestrial Orchid in Flower

A Terrestrial Orchid in Flower

Most people's idea of orchids are the hybrid cattleyas and maybe cymbidiums and lady slippers. I have what the orchid people call botanicals: wild species. Even more so, I have wild species from around Jinotega. This one is Sarcoglottis hunteriana, if I'm remembering correctly. The blooms don't open any wider than this, but mostly the plant is grown for its foliage.

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I hear on the grapevine

that somebody is publishing a book on 600 native orchids of Nic. I suspect this will end up being ''volume 1'' because there are undoubtedly more than 1000 species here.

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I've got a PDF of a book on Nicaraguan orchids

The author was supposed to be revising the book, but hasn't answered Joe's email in a while, so dunno or perhaps it's someone else.

This plant is now apparently better known as S spectrodes http://orchidgrrlnyc.blogspot.com/2008/05/stenoglottis-spectrodes.html

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