Hope For Snowden

in forty years. He'll get a reality show . . like Ollie.

In the meantime, it's a lot better in Russia than when Lee Harvey, Kim Philby and Guy Burgess were there. There's shopping now, it's not all communist gray anymore, and there's Pussy Riot for entertainment. Snowden just did a softball interview with Putin; maybe he'll move into journalism now that he doesn't have any more secrets to sell.


Not the charismatic figure that Ollie is, but MSNBC might pick him up . .

Of course, with their ratings no one will ever see the show.

Snowden still might make it to Nicaragua, he could come on one of those Russian naval ships calling at Bluefields. He'll want to stay in the middle of the country,, not too close to Honduras, not too close to Costa Rica. And not too close to me.

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I Heard Snowden

In Case Anyone