Convict baby

Convict baby

The kids are growing fast. I do dried food in the morning and live grindel worms around lunch time, and then either another feeding of either dried food or crumbled krill and maybe another serving of live worms. This one is not quite half an inch long, but the babies have enough neurons to understand that the turkey baster in the water means food.

Probably will replace my ten gallon tank with a 30 gallon tank so I can quarantine fish before adding them to the big tank and have some room to grow out baby fish if the parents breed again and decide to eat older fry.

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Can you tell if it's a boy or girl yet?

The boys tend to be the larger fry

…but at this size, hard to tell. A friend in the US reminded me that the females can breed at less than an inch, though an inch is more common. She wondered how I'd evict the convicts if I change species. Probably pull all the wood, rocks, and gravel, net out everything and put sand and tetras in first before adding another cichlid species. The species of local tetra I'll be adding is very good at preying on small fish up to the size of guppies.

Reagan was wrong about Nicaraguan humans invading the US. It was the Convict cichlid:

And they're also in an Austrian hot spring along with some other exotic species:

The Jewel cichlid, also in the Austrian hot spring, is even worse -- so far, nobody has done anything stupid with the aquarium bred ones here (yet is the operative word, a friend and I suspect).

Rebecca Brown

Its a boy

Its mouth is closed.