What's wrong with NewEgg, Amazon, ...

NewEgg, Amazon and others have made it very easy to buy things on-line. Combined with a freight forwarder such as Aerocastillas or TransExpress in Florida, everything should just work. Should but many times it does not.

After an initial mistake of ordering multiple items where one was sold by Amazon and others where you pay Amazon but come from other suppliers I realized the problem. You end up with two or more shipments going to your freight forwarder. You pay for two packages to be forwarded and two sets of customs charges (that is, fees to broker -- the total tax will be the same).

I have recently been a lot more careful to make sure the products actually come from Amazon or NewEgg but just got the shaft a second time. In both cases it was an order for a geek product and a cable, both sold directly by NewEgg. In both cases, the cable -- at an average price of $10 -- was shipped separately from a different warehouse. They were shipped for free -- to Florida. They are subject to about $1.50 of tax on the receiving end. They you toss in about $30 of shipping and handling customs clearance.

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With stuff from Amazon,

... part of an order can be cancelled as soon as you see it'll be shipped separately.

This won't help if you simply gotta-have-it-all-now. But if not, you get a bunch of cables later in one package, for instance.

Thanks for the info. This goes in the GOOD-TO-KNOW file.

Denny's Cargo Express, Inc

305-547-1155, Miami

They ship once a week, normally Wednesday. I've shipped table saws, silk flowers, pictures, furniture, bicycles, clothing....you name it. Ends up in Managua, 10 days after it shipps from Miami clear of customs for $1.50/lb to $3/lb. Certain items like TV's, I shipped a 47" LCD, have a fixed price. Give them a call and get a quote.

No Brokers, No Aduanta, no headaches and since they ship once a week they act like an automatic consolidator. No separate handling fees per box.

Denny's Sounds Good

I'll give them a try .. . and a call to get details. .

If they could accept Amazon drop ships, and a short list of other vendors, life could be good. I always forget something.

Thank you for the info, what the site is about . .

I have done this

It worked once with Amazon but NewEgg bills the whole order. The first you hear of separate shipments is when you get a shipping notification. On my most recent order, I got all two at the same time. Then, a fit later I got a third one for a free gift -- value $15.

freight forwarding

I am looking into using the PanAm or InterAmerican highway. I haven't selected a freight forwarder yet but there are multiple listings for them all along the I-35 corridor, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Laredo. I think that the trip is about 2500 miles. Any suggestions?

Charles Slane

Perhaps you could ask your

Perhaps you could ask your freight forwarder in Miami to throw away the invoices and then give Aduanas your copy of the invoice, that's what I do, works great.

Good idea but ...

I am using Aerocastillas (right now). They are pretty inflexible. Even if I sent them the original invoice and explaining multiple packages from different shipping addresses are involved, they are not interested. There is no Aduanas problem, it is the fees for Aerocastillas handling everything.

The root shipping/tax cost problem is

buying from companies like Amazon that use drop shipping directly from different areas & vendors (even if it says sold by Amazon) to cut their costs and thus offer lower prices.
I get bit by that all the time so the solution is to find online vendors and that ship all the products in one order or pay the price of splitting one order into several orders.
Since Aerocasillas has to process processes several orders at several different times from Miami to Nicaragua & through customs you can expect several handling fees. If they offered to warehouse/consolidate your orders to combine them for Aduana that would be a whole new ball game & cost them also.
They are a huge world wide company!
To me their fees are not that un-reasonable anyhow:
Handeling fee:
$0-$50.00: Free
$50.00 - $100.00: $5.00
$100.01 - $500.00: $10.00
$501.00-$1000.00 $35.00
0.50 lb $4.00
1 lb $5.00
2 lb $9.50
3 lb $14.00
4 lb $18.50
5 lb $23.00v Additional $3.25
More than 20 lb $2.25
Note that $2.25/lb is about the same as carryon except there you usually beat the tax.

The problem for me HAS been an "Aduanas problem" since they do charge about $6 *per individual order* processing in addition to tax.
Shipping to SJDS is $6 additional and Aerocasillas has usually been willing to combine some orders to lower that cost but it is still a bargain since the final leg Rivas to SJDS is by taxi.

I buy a lot from the US and Aerocasillas is the best for my needs - Excellent tracking and they all speak English including an excellent English (Not Google translate) website. VERY professional.
Two years ago I brought in 15 window ACs @ $100 airfreight each plus Aduana (another story) and still beat the cost here in Nicaragua and still do several orders through them every month.

One of these days I will put up a post about my good experiences buying directly from Chinese stores and also using USPS freight forwarders/consolidators from the US. So far this has eliminated the Aduana tax problem - They have not taxed postal shipments except for 1 Chinese air postal order for a big box containing a bunch of LED light bulbs.
BTW, eBay has served me well and I use them all the time but you need a US PayPal account to be able to ship to different freight forwarding addresses in the US.

Really Great Info

Thank you!

When I said "missing" earlier I was referring to the odds and ends I need, not the quality of the information.

I'm doing two trips /year driving and you CAN take a lot of stuff. But, I understand that at some point it will get old, and I won't -like you now- have the time available.

Yes you are doing it

the right way. If I had it to do again I would do the same thing.
I did not set up a complete shop with construction, wood, & metal tools but ended up buying some of the stuff piece by piece which is the hard way to go.
The best way to be happy here buying stuff whether you buy locally or online is to pretend you don't know what it costs & tell yourself you can't take it with you.

Which Freight Forwarder

are you currently using?

How do the items reach you in NIcaragua?

What is the time frame? It seems like I'm continually missing . .. . . something.

I use Panorama Services,

I use Panorama Services, they are the best air forwarder I've found. But, I've stopped sending things airmail as I absolutely hate wasting multiple days dealing with Aduanas in Managua clearing boxes, and avoid it whenever possible now. I'd rather make a quick trip to Miami than deal with those idiots.

Missing what?

There is no issue with "Nicaragua". The issue is that the vendor is dividing up the order on the US end. That means multiple packages to deal with which means shipper fees on separate "orders". Aerocastillas inflexibility is the biggest problem. I am about to dump them.

Let us know

Who you end up with and your experiences there. This is valuable information.

Thanks, fyl!