Construction expert/assessor recommendation


I'm looking at buying a small property in a new residencial near Managua. Construction has only started recently, so there is some risk, but there are also many attractive factors including the pre-construction price.

I'd like to bring in an expert to check out the situation - quality of construction, security of the deal, etc. And potentially some of the other items listed on

Any recommendations?

I have seen that many local real estate companies offer "asesoría de compra" but I would prefer to work with someone more independent. I'm worried that a real estate company wouldn't be totally honest and would push me towards their own offerings instead.

I speak fluent Spanish. thx for any tips!

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Your link

It goes to where I create a new topic. :(


Brian Thurman see web site below

Don't know him, never used him but I see his name a lot around the web.


is a great guy, I have never used his professional services but I know him personally. He is very knowledgeable in the building trades and has advised me on a couple of projects here on the farm.

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First thing

I would investigate the company doing the development. Is it a major corporation with a proven track record of successfully constructing this type of project in this area? If not, bail. There are many infrastructure hurdles in a new residential project. Unless your investigation shows this corporation to be a real winner, don't plan on building for 5 years and have a contingency plan for leaving the undeveloped lots to your grandchildren.

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