I have a little less than 9 weeks until I arrive in Nicaragua. My plan is to decompress at Las Peñitas for a few days and end up in Estelí to live. I have a home for the next few months there, thanks to NicaLiving, and will look around for more permanent residence and tienda. { love to play cribbage. Any takers? I also play most card games with the exception of pinochle. Rusty at bridge but won't embarrass my partner. I am enrolled at CENAC for another program from them starting on the 16th. Afternoons and evenings are best.

Charles Slane

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15 for 2

Give a call when you get settled. I live just south of Managua so we aren't going to be close. But I do get about Nica Land. 86690569


I used to play a lot in the military, many years ago. I would like to play backgammon again as well.

1st Capt. Ron

(Title by Miskito Alan)