Alan Gross on hunger strike

The recent revelation of the creative USAID "Cuban Twitter" project has inspired Alan Gross to go on a hunger strike. He is, of course, a victim of yet another USAID plan to bring democracy to Cuba.

An article in the BBC tells the story.

"I am fasting to object to mistruths, deceptions, and inaction by both governments, not only regarding their shared responsibility for my arbitrary detention, but also because of the lack of any reasonable or valid effort to resolve this shameful ordeal," Mr Gross wrote in a statement released by his lawyer on Tuesday.

"Once again, I am calling on President Obama to get personally involved in ending this standoff so that I can return home to my wife and daughters,'' he added.

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From Malysia

An article in National News Agency of Malysia site, we see the Alan Gross story covered. Strange place but I think the title makes sense: "Cuba Calls For US Role In Resolving Jailed Contractor Case".

It's pretty clear that Gross is being used as a pawn. Cuba has tried to seek resolution but it appears that the US government isn't willing to play. The reason he is back in the news (with the hunger strike) is that he was working on a USAID project and got caught. Apparently there isn't anyone to catch in the fake twitter USAID project.

"The Cuban government reiterates its willingness to seek, in conjunction with the U.S. government, a solution to the case of Mr. Gross that is acceptable to both parties and also addresses the humanitarian concerns regarding the three Cubans ... that continue their more than 15-year unjust imprisonment in the U.S.," the ministry said.

Washington claims Gross, who was working in Cuba as a contractor for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is innocent.

Maybe Gross is innocent (I can't see how ...) but that isn't the point. He has basically been abandoned by the US government.

I Wouldn't Say

abandoned exactly. He's being paid. It's part of the downside of being a spy.

Cuba want to trade him for (what's left of) the "Cuba Five".


Might be paid extra well, depending on who is still alive to collect: Judy Gross (wife) is suing the U.S. government and DAI for $60 million (one of her claims is that he was not properly trained for nor informed about such a dangerous assignment). The Cuban 5 would make an odd (precedent-setting?) spy trade though. While spies by training, they were not spies on the U.S. government proper, but on the Cuban exile community.

The Cubans made the mistake of telling the US

…that the US was harboring terrorists, apparently.

Rebecca Brown

Hunger Chair

Wonder if Cuba will borrow one of those hunger "feeding chairs" from the Guantanamo Bay detention camp...

Of Course The

Cuban Twitter is nothing new

"Funding ran out . . " sounds like an euphemism for "we got what we needed . . ".

Funding never runs out when the project is still viable.