What's with Nicaragua--Russia cooperation?

While there is likely more going on, here is the first article I have seen that actually offers any level of detail on any of the cooperation. I also learned that the Russians have the equivalent of GPS satellites which is cool. (The EU is apparently doing the same thing.)

An article in Defense Talk tells of the plans for cooperation.

Under the agreement, Russia would set up a network of land-based control stations in the Latin American country to monitor and augment the accuracy of navigation satellites in Earth orbit.

It is hoped the system will boost Russia’s GLONASS satellite navigation system, the only current alternative to the US’s Global Positioning System (GPS) to feature global coverage and comparable accuracy.

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Tim Rogers reported a couple days ago,

"Following last week’s visit to Managua by members of Moscow’s Duma, Russian lawmakers on April 1 approved a bill that would allow that country to build a satellite navigation monitoring system in Nicaragua, ..."

There a little more detail on GLONASS, Russia’s Global Navigation Satellite System, than found in defencetalk.com. Plus a mention of the visit by Russia's "drug czar" to Managua in Feb.


Could it be tensions with the West?

DO is always looking to benefit Nicaragua in these situations, cashing in on playing both sides of the fence.


It's call GLONASS and there's a handy Wikipedia article (possibly outdated) on which phones support it.


My understanding is that the majority (if not all) of these phones actually use both GPS and GLONASS to further refine location information. Pretty cool! :)