Or maybe not so much a matter of deporting criminals from the US


Sometimes, the NY Times does the sort of thing that only a paper with significant resources to wade through raw data can do. And, so, yeah, maybe not all of the deportees did anything that would have put them in jail had they been US citizens.

Seems like the over five years bans are more likely to be due to criminal actions.

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This Is A Difficult

article, and unfortunately enjoys some minor spinning as well. I read the article yesterday, and thought some of the positions of the immigrant advocacy groups were extreme.

This deportation thing could be handled better: perhaps a points system that would reward long time illegals who have kept jobs, stayed out of trouble, learned English, had children in school. Any number of "gates" could be imagined. I dislike the arbitrariness of the current system. Of the current crop of deportees, a significant number ARE referrals from the criminal justice system (although the immigrant rights groups gloss over this). But a few 'keepers" are being caught up in the process, and a system could be put in place to allow them to stay.

Other than serious crimes , (any felony should result in deportation), points could be assigned to a potential deportee. One of the anecdotes concerned a woman speeding, without a license. How long has she been here, does she speak English, does she work, children in school? Let her stay and deport someone more deserving of deportation. No English, family receives welfare, third instance of a traffic violation without possession of a license, gangbanger,, deport her. A non-injury first time DUI would be serious; a second DUI would result in deportation.

It would be in EVERYONE's best interest to attempt to legalize the most promising undocumented workers in the US. We need them. I don't see any need for mass round ups or military style raids. The less desirable illegals (those with drug problems or who otherwise offend), don't speak English,, can be handled through an attrition process (deported as they come to the attention of HomeLand Security).

My system would take longer, but we would eventually have the people here we want, and who would reflect our values; the rest, adios.

No, dont like it

The threat of sending them home. You either take em or you don't.