New NL Evolution

I just completed the first step on the NL site evolution project. There is now a totally empty except for user names site up at Let me explain what I did, what I am doing and why.

What I did

The starting point for anything is the membership. Once it is moved then blogs, galleries and such can be moved. Each subsequent piece will have assorted issues but they all require users to attach the content to. Thus, the membership.

Everyone there is "equal". That is, everyone is a member and active. Clearly there is some cleanup but this was a good starting point.

What I am doing

The short answer is "one thing at a time". There are a lot of pieces to get us moved. So, we have users. You can update your info there now if you want.

My next step will probably be blogs. I say probably because I have to research things before I am sure.

The two things I want to do soon are:

  1. Get the galleries moved over. I have done enough homework to know it is very complicated because of differences between the two systems. More when I know more.
  2. Get the "Look and Feel" set up. Right now it is almost the default. I want to add the appropriate buttons, configure what are in the sidebars and such.

That's it for today. If you find something clearly broken, email If you are just confused, post a comment here. I will be working on the FAQ.

Site Speed

The site may seem slower. There are two reasons for this:

  • I have lots of logging/debugging turned on. That will go away once I know a bit more.
  • The site is in France. That means longer transmission delays from the Americas. I decided it was worth it and this particular company seems to be about the fastest as far as links to/from the Western Hemisphere.

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Things change

See the announcement at the top of the forums.

Just logged into new site.

Just logged into new site. 7,000+ members and only a handful post to the site.

I am starting to think you guys must be NL-bots.

Members + spammers

When I checked (ages ago) there were something like 2000 real members. I decided it was easier to move all users and then weed them out later because there are good tools on ocPortal to do that.

But, your observation is a good one. There are people who regularly log in but never post. They are just using the login to keep track of what is new, apparently. Beyond that, it is a bit wacko.

For your amusement, go to and click on the down arrow in the "Join Date" field in the title. You will see all the "new users", most of which are SPAM.

Sounds right

By my estimate, there are 20 regulars logging in over a 2 day period or daily, another 20 that log in weekly, about another 20 that log in monthly to every 2 months, about 300 new spammers, and a whole bunch going back to 10 years that were blocked before there was a good spam filter. If you don't log in for a year, a warning message goes out before your account is closed - they're included - and I have no idea how many might log in between 2-12 months.

I delete a week's worth of the spammers when they've been around for 4 weeks - by then, I can be pretty sure that they're not new users, but their auto-generated looking names usually give them away.


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Not the first

There is plenty of AI; what's needed is real intelligence. :-)


Just tried that

The password didnt work, probably not working yet.

Need to request one

Your old passwords were not transferred to the new site nor was anything in your profile except join date and last access date. Just use the "forgot password" link to get a new one.

fly..are u trying to tell me ..

something..this is what i got.. There is no such member on the system.


put in wrong user name