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this one:

Don't come,, Send money,,

Won't do much for Hotel Cafe's numbers truth,a lot of people besides missionaries stay there. . .I've stayed there a few times and no one would call me a missionary (called me a lot of other names, never missionary).

Some others from The Real Nicaragua's daily sweep of Nicaragua-specific news hits:

These bums didn't just send their money, as Rebecca requested,, but the good news is,, they didn't go to Jinotega:

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The Hotel Cafe has short term missionaries as their ….

….main customers.

Nobody I've ever talked to except for two Spanish women has ever come to Jinotega to spend more than one or two overnights here unless they were short term missionaries. People come here when they're doing the grand tour of Nicaragua or Central American in general.

I suspect Intur has the real stats. If I were going to start a tourism business here, I'd want to see those stats. Making stuff up from one or two visits seems to be really common around here.

Rebecca Brown

Great report here:

Page 25 supports Rebecca's comments on her "Missionary Position".

Interesting that most of the hotel traffic

…is more or less people on business (46 percent Nicaraguan business travelers and 36% missionaries). Pretty much what the man who runs the Hotel Kiarus found out. 18% actual tourists, with 9% foreign and 9% Nicaraguan. That's all hotels of all classes, but I know locally that includes some hotels who had thought they were going to be tourist hotels and found out that they'd go out of business if they tried that. My guess from the people I've seen across the street that actual US tourists are less than half of the foreign tourists.

Esteli has more foreign tourists -- 33% and some what more national tourists -- 11%, and fewer foreign mission groups -- 22%. Business travelers -- 34%.

I suspect Matagalpa's profile would be siimlar to Esteli's, and that matches what I've seen in Esteli when I was there and what I see frequently in Matagalpa. At least some people stay overnight in Matagalpa and make day trips to Selva Negra.

Individual hotels might have more foreign tourists, but I don't see many of them (couple I talked to at dinner were Peace Corp workers that I'd met before).

I figured the statistics were out there, and I'm not surprised that you could put your fingers on them, Juanno. :)

Rebecca Brown

I'm Sorry I Teased


Hotel Cafe fills up on Saturday morning with the finca owners from the surrounding campo. Mostly the men, wives are probably out shopping. It's kind of neat to watch, old friends getting together.

Hotel Cafe has always been so gracious, welcoming. Whatever you want to say about the Miami owner, she keeps her employees on their toes.

I've told the story of the rainy afternoon, Shelley and I are the only restaurant customers, killing time, waiter puts an Andrea Bocelli DVD on . . It was that one from Lake Las Vegas where the guys dive off the walls at the end of the concert with torches in their hands (at 1:15).

Just the implied statement that we were still young enough to be romantically inclined was pleasing.

Guy got a BIG tip. This was way back when Nica tourists were greeted more with Digame! (and let me get back to my telenovela). Things have really changed in NicaVille, driven I suspect by the discovery that Gringos tip when they enjoy the service.

Some of this reminds me even more of the guy in the other group

…who is sure text Usenet will be the next big thing and that small private free servers will fade. He's sure because he's talked to three people who said they didn't download binaries on the server he subscribes to (Forte). One of the other people in the group worked for a major Usenet provider that supplied Forte with its feed and knew precisely what the feed was. I also had worked for a Usenet provider and and ran a free server on a private hieararchy that's been active for over 12 years and which was in good health when I checked last week. I also found a European analysis of over 20K European DSL users at one ISP. The bulk of the users download binaries. Cost of getting set up as a text-only Usenet server is minimal -- I could run one here on my Mac with a DNS forwarding service. So free or low cost beats $9 a month. The guy refuses to accept that we do know what we're talking about and doesn't know that his recommender considered him a representative for the wierd side of Usenet, not as someone who had brilliant ideas for the reform of Usenet.

Other people have had different experiences at the Hotel Cafe -- see trip advisor. I take anything you say with almost the same skepticism that I take our mission poster. He is worse, but there are similarities. Hotel Cafe didn't have good service when I was there, and I'm not the only one who has had that problem.

So, I'm a bit skeptical about your witness. Sort of like some people who rave about some one who I hear absolutely zero other favorable reports of.

You should be sorry you teased me.

Rebecca Brown