The light (finally) comes on

The typical use the present tense to describe something in the future wording always confuses me. That is, when thinking about how to talk about something in the future, I tend to think in the future (or almost future -- voy a) tense. Well, the light just came on.

Here is what I got in my daily Spanish email:

Mi hermana se casa el mes que viene.

My sister is getting married next month.

I look at it. There is nothing about getting in the Spanish. It says "My sister marries next month", just like you might say it in English.

My brain feels better. Maybe it will help someone else as well.

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You're giving me a headache

Much of language is idiomatic. Literal translations of words has many pitfalls. Common phraseology must be learned too.

For a Spanish speaker learning American English, the use of 'get' presents special problems. See

But if s/he is to understand what the gringo is saying, it all must be learned. How about the common expression, "She's getting hitched Saturday."