ideological warfare

The headline, "US secretly created 'Cuban Twitter' to stir unrest" of a rather complete article by AP,

US AID, the guilty party, is promoting what they believe to be a fundamental right of every citizen, namely 'free speech', including the freedom to criticize their government without penalty. They sure took a sneaky (clever) route to get to the Cubans.

Now 'free speech' is being redefined to include money in political elections by the U.S. Supremes. All common means of communicating with the public today, except the internet, cost money. 'Free speech' was understood as being necessary for an informed democracy. Is technology - which can be used to spy on us - also saving & promoting democracy today, giving people back their right to self-determination?

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My opinion

The US has continued to move to the one dollar, one vote definition of democracy. While I don't think that was the idea in the constitution, usanos seem willing to accept it. So be it.

But, when they want to force the rest of the world into that same definition, I have serious issues. I remember an uproar (here on NL) over the Sandinistas paying people to go to Sandinista events. Is that worse than lifting the $123,000/election season personal limit on political contributions?

USAID Still Does A

bit of work in Nicaragua, one thing they do, is provide newly elected deputies (congressmen) new computers . .for their offices. They acknowledge that some of the computer equipment gets converted (taken home), but that's probably OK too :)

The Cuban Twitter experiment probably accomplished a number of things, least of which was identifying individuals opposed to the Castro dictatorship.

The personal donation limit of $2600 per candidate has not changed. The $123K was a two year total limit to all candidates. It was clearly a first amendment -free speech- issue.

This seems to be apples and oranges? You still only get one vote, and the DEMs are very good at registering extra voters. I sometimes wonder how many times >>Donald Duck << votes in general elections.

Say what?

Are these computers purchased locally or is the NSA spyware pre-installed?

Is this a secret NSA training program? Solitaire

The young Sandinista Congresswoman Olga Xochilt Ocampo Rocha playing Solitaire on the computer that is assigned in the National Assembly for work purposes as colleagues discussed five loans for social projects totaling nearly $ 100 million.

IF USAID Offers You

a new computer, take it.

It's only the CIA wanting to hear what the Roof Dogs are saying before anyone else.

It's a fair trade.

The world looking in

This was retweeted by the foreign minister of Ecuador:

Pablo Garzón ‏@pgarzon 3h

Tribunal gringo sentencia que no hay límites para aportes en dinero en campaña. Oficialmente, ya puedes comprar al presidente en USA.

I happen to come to the same conclusion as the poster but, if you disagree, how do you explain why this isn't the case to someone from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru, ...

Ironically, after 'Citizens' United'

The first 'black' man Obama pulled down more donations than fat cat businessman Romney.

"Obama: $1.123 billion vs. Romney: $1.019 billion"

I don't understand it, after all the public belly-aching about evil corporations & the Wall St banksters will soon own the world. And the vote coincidentally went nearly the same way, tho NOT in the sense fyl uses, one dollar, one vote.

America is self-aware; this is a very controversial area. Most Americans think it's wrong to buy public office. But there's an honest, intellectual difference of opinion as to whether that's happening with the Supreme Court rulings. Jury's still out.