Perez continues drug legalization rhetoric

Starting shortly after Otto Perez Molina took office as president of Guatemala in 2012, he broke with the US drug war suggesting that Guatemala should legalize drugs. He is not pro-drug, just anti-crime. I previously posted info on what he sees as the real cost to Guatemala of drug addiction in (mostly) countries north of Guatemala.

On Wednesday he once again talked about legalization as his goal as outlined in a Reuters article. In this speech he was talking about production in Guatemala rather than the trans-shipment issue which he has previously talked about. Maybe this is just rhetoric or maybe it is real. With legalization moving forward in US states, this would make sense.

PANAMA CITY (Reuters) - Guatemala could present a plan to legalize production of marijuana and opium poppies towards the end of 2014 as it seeks ways to curb the power of organized crime, President Otto Perez said on Wednesday.

With the garment industry in the region (big in Honduras and Nicaragua), this legalization could also be a good way for the region to move into industrial use of hemp.