Animal behavior...earthquake coming???

Has anyone else out there noticed an unusual amount of odd animal behavior lately? I'm in Nandasmo and have noticed a lot. Had a 5" scorpion wander across my foot this afternoon in the middle of the kitchen. They occasionally get in, but normally at night. More ant activity than usual. Just had a centipede wander in; never seen one before. Have seen plenty of millipedes. Also, more large spiders running around. The biggest cockroach I've ever seen; not the usual species. Also, over the past week, I've seen several species of birds that I've never seen here before, as though they are not in their usual flight paths. Just wondering....

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There's Been A

lot of activity.

CR has had access to the Rincon de la Vieja (Guanacaste) volcanic areas (crater, mudpots) closed for quite some time. You can still get in the park, but not close to the volcano.

Oh yes and I made pictures

2 days before the earthquake here in Nicaragua i was sitting on my porch like 8 pm, what happened is something I never seen before, suddenly 4-5 birds came in the dark, one sitting a top of my fridge and one on the stove ( brown doves) a yellow little bird was sitting on a power line above my tv set and finally a blue jay was on a post. Nice pictures, had to clean them up because of the darkness ( lousy camera ) but this confirms your comment about strange animal behavior.

The birds left at daylight.