Route hijack/censorship monitoring in foreign countries

Specifically, Nicaragua. :)

The short, less technical version, is that Turkey is pretending to be Google, and conveniently omitting Twitter's existence from the internet in Turkey.

I've been paying a lot more attention recently to the RIPE Atlas program, which places probes around the world for free to people who agree to host them. These probes can then be used for research, either to monitor the condition of a network, or routing, or, as we've found with Turkey, blocking or hijacking at the local level. It turns out, Turkey is using a similar approach to the one Pakistan used to try to block YouTube (and which temporarily eliminated YouTube worldwide) in 2008. The Turks are being more conservative in their implementation, which is interesting.

The fancy technical breakdown:

Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to look at setting up the infrastructure to study this in Nicaragua, in case that ever became an issue.

All you have to do to support such research is order a probe, provide no more than 5 watts of power (two USB ports), and a wired connection to your Nica internet (cable/DSL/w/e).

For those interested, the sign-up page is here: