Everyone Has Their Favorite

history of Nicaragua.

Here's a relatively non-controversial one. I wouldn't call this the horse's mouth, although she is getting long in the tooth:


This isn't the first time Nicaragua has been on her "best retirement locations" list . .. but she makes some good points. Just like the Crimea now belongs to Russia, Danny and friends will probably be around for a very long time.

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She has a ot of foot sodiers herself...

hiding on the net and posing as innocent, happy rose tinted buyers.

International Living was and still is a clever idea.

Is House Hunters International part of that?

Folks on Ometepe did one of those and the house was already the "buyers'" property, which they'd bought for US $30K, not $100K more than that, and I don't know if the real estate agent was an actress or not.

Rebecca Brown

They Got $800 From

me many years ago in La Ceiba for the privilege of trying to sell me a waterfront lot for $70K that I had already priced at $35K (asking).

There wasn't a lot of solid information presented at their "seminar".

Hotel was great. . and.a guy has to start somewhere. Shelley & I saw a lot of Honduras that trip.

Whatever happened to her Justin Bieber boyfriend? He used to be prominent in her publications,, don't see him anymore.