Armed thugs. Motorcycle gangs. Their defense of Chavismo - la revolución bolivariana - involved disrupting peaceful opposition rallies with threats of violence. They and other 'colectivos chavistas' are the reason the death toll of the current nationwide demonstrations against the government of Venezuela keeps climbing. The police, the National Guard look the other way when these armed, black-masked hooligans show up.

See: http://elcomercio.pe/mundo/latinoamerica/tupamaros-fuerza-choque-chavism...

"Over a year has passed now, since an ABC journalist had the opportunity to talk with Alberto “Chino” Carías, chief of the Tupamaros, during Hugo Chávez’s last electoral campaign. When he was asked about the murder of three people during an opposition rally, his answer was “in every war, there is death.”" - from a blog by Marcela Estrada of Caracas, Venezuela.

Check out their website: http://www.tupamaro.org.ve/

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Just a bit from Wikipedia to put this into perspective.

In particular, they are a far-left political group that has not excluded the use of violence for social change. They cooperated with various Chávez policies which is no surprise but labeling them as chavistas would be a lot like labeling anyone who blows up an abortion clinic in the US as a Republican.

The Wiki source

I went there first, but the warnings scared me off, particularly,

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So I looked elsewhere. The two I cited seemed relatively 'objective'.

These 'colectivos' are real beyond-the-law actors in the government's effort to snuff out the voice of any opposition. It reminds me greatly of Ortega's use of 'turbas' as the Sandinistas secured power. They also effectively intimidated any opposition, although they weren't nearly so well armed as Venezuela's barrio punks.

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Interesting choice of books the Tupamaros were touting on their site.