Birds of a feather

The UN General Assembly, apparently and suddenly seduced by The Empire and mainstream media, yesterday voted overwhelmingly that Crimea's referendum to break away from Ukraine was not valid.

There were 11 dissenting votes:

  • Armenia
  • Belarus
  • Bolivia
  • Cuba
  • North Korea
  • Nicaragua
  • Russia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Venezuela
  • Zimbabwe

Much like Danny-Boy's unwavering support of the Mad Man of Libya and the Butcher of Syria, Nicaragua is yet again on the wrong side of history.

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another take

From Nicaragua Dispatch:

Instead of glad-handing with glassy-eyed Russians and blowhard Bolivarian basket cases

Excellent Piece, Balanced

and well written:

" . . . .. it’s also an inaccurate representation of the open, embracing and western-friendly country that Nicaragua has become.

If you were to have visited Nicaragua this week, you would have seen U.S. tourists, Canadian backpackers and European expats. You would not have seen any goose-stepping North Korean tourists, Syrian surfers, or South Ossetian investors. If you looked really hard you would have seen the only Russian tourists visiting the country: a small and disheveled-looking delegation from the Duma, whose visit got way more play in the official media than it deserved. ........ ...

Nicaragua — in many ways — is a country that’s coming into its own. It’s growing slowly but surely into a maturing destination for tourism and foreign investment. The Nicaragua brand name is now starting to be associated with good things, not just war, poverty and severe dysfunction . .

.......... ..

Nicaragua needs to look in the mirror and remind itself that it has a lot to offer the world. The country is a natural beauty, full of innovative, intelligent, industrious and friendly people. Nicaragua deserves to have better friends — and it certainly has no excuse to continue hanging out down by the train tracks with all the international misfits, pipeheads and crackpots. . . .."

Pretty Sad Birds

mostly failed countries. North Korea, Syria, Zimbabwe, Sudan --and then you have ALBA .

Out of ALBA, Nicaragua is the only one with a bright and shiny future.

Belarus WANTS to be part of Russia; I don't know what the story is with Armenia.


Out of ALBA, Nicaragua is the only one with a bright and shiny future.

Why do you make such absurd statements? Seriously, it just makes no sense -- unless you know absolutely nothing about, for example, Bolivia. You know, the country that can meet the quinoa and cocaine needs of yuppie America plus lithium for batteries for everyone.

Raw materials trump wishful thinking any day

KWP has a finca and hotel to sell in five years. He practicing his spiel for his buyer.

Rebecca Brown


countries, and despite the omni-present billboards touting socialism, etc, etc, Nicaragua enjoys a rather savage capitalism. The market rules -more or less- in Nicaragua.

That's why I say the country has a future. Just having resources doesn't guarantee any success: I rest my argument on Venezuela, a country with a 50% inflation rate, consumer shortages, and unbridled corruption.

I like to think of Venezuela as the East Germany of the Caribbean -- -but East Germany didn't have the oil.

When a country can't provide its citizens with TP,, I'd say that country's leadership is a failure. Simplistic, but to the point. If you can't wipe your butt when you need to, life is problematic.

Wishful thinking is an interesting things to watch

For maybe 70,000 years of human existence, we didn't have toilet paper. Shakespeare didn't use toilet paper unless he wiped his butt with his foul papers (rough drafts).

Fyl imagines the country is libertarian; you imagine the country, except for the state ownership of a few things like the water plant, a chunk of the electric grid, the free clinics, is what you also imagine it to be.

Suits ride the waves -- and leaders are the puppets of the cultures that invent them. Thus the rather high approval rating for Stalin now in Russia and Putin's happiness with capitalism and unhappiness with the break down of the Soviet/Russian empire. See Tolstoy for where this comes from.

Rebecca Brown


What makes you think the other countries behave any differently than Nicaragua? None of them are communist, the leaders are elected, and even when they talk about the new socialism we really have no idea what they mean.

Forget the TP - the civilized world uses bidets. (Hint: That's not us.). :-)

Just in case

"...Forget the TP - the civilized world uses bidets . . "

then,, WHAT are the Venezuelans complaining about?

Let them eat cake (or buy bidets, as the case may be . ..).

A bidet is going to be a hard sell in the Nicaraguan campo, the places without running water . . .

Wait, wait, I've got it: a 5 Gal Home Depot Homer bucket . .a turnkey campo bidet!

I need a pic . .Who do I know well enough ??? Hmmm


Just buy a pressure washer and ur good to go!!

Now that's practical

Now that's practical, and, um, thorough!