Claro TV and English

Been in Nica land 2+ years and slowly watched English channels dropping off of Claro's line up. So the other day I was playing around and set my TV to SAP, Second Audio Program. Voila.......Sorry, that's French. But many channels, when you set your TV to SAP, have English! Maybe this was known and posted before but for me...........A Revelation.

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So when I run a calculator

So when I run a calculator on my current system that I use here in Canada it seems that I would be able to get signal in Nicaragua. Does anybody do this?

My buddy and I discovered

My buddy and I discovered this by accident in our hotel in Esteli last month. We were able to watch Walking Dead and Duck Dynasty in their original audio.

I had to look to see what button I have been pushing

Yes, it is the SAP button on the Claro remote (as opposed to the tv remote) It also has a Subtitle button which I don't think has ever done anything.

For anyone not familiar with Claro satellite, it seems to be an eclectic mix of programming they have contracted for from various companies in several countries. You pick up the policies of the source company (choice of language/ no choice/ portuguese/ English programs in Spanish only) etc. It is not a finished product of choice of languages and subtitles like you would get on a DVD that was designed to give you choices..

BBC news is in English only, but they only have 20 minutes worth of news they repeat all day buts sometimes they have good hour specials.

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What Does Sky

cost in Nicaragua?

I see it in CR regularly, but have not encountered it in Nicaragua yet.


It is here. I have seen it in Matagalpa, but I have no idea about cost

1st Capt. Ron

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If you have claro satellite

They still have ABC and NBC from Miami on there but CBS was taken off almost 5 years ago along with the Caribbean channel. Use the sap on the claro satellite control to see if a channel has English.

Claro tv

Is there a way to get CBS back. I am missing my college basketball games. :-(

Is there a way to get CBS back

or NBC, or ABC, or Fox news.

I am going to see if I have a SAP option on my TV

1st Capt. Ron

(Title by Miskito Alan)


CBS is back on Claro cable channel 51

not here!

We have regular Claro (as in non-digital) and there is still church stuff

mga cable..

51 still the catholic channel..hopefully we will get 51 cbs back soon