More Anti-narco cooperation in the region

The Enhanced Cooperation Agreement to Fight Organized Crime in Central America and the Dominican Republic was signed a year ago. The result (starting this year) has been meetings every two weeks at the Justice Training Center for Central America and the Caribbean in Costa Rica to implement actions against narco-trafficking organizations and organized crime.

An article in Inside Costa Rica talks about cooperation. On one level it sounds good but it depends on changing laws in the various countries so they are in agreement. Considering Nicaragua seems to be the most successful at anti-narco work in the region, are law changes what is needed?

Cálix Vallecillo said having the same drug laws in all seven countries will create a more efficient legal system.

“Before the Criminal Legislation Harmonization law, there were differences in crime or conviction definitions that often hindered extraditions or moving forward in a coordinated investigation, since what was classified as a crime in one country was [different] in another,” said Jorge Chavarría Guzmán, Costa Rica’s attorney general and head of the Central American and Caribbean Council of Public Ministries.