Pool construction recommendation

Just had our pool built by Mario Jose Avellcen in Jinotepe. He is from Carazo but will travel, no problem. Mario is honest, hardworking, friendly and professional. His number is moviestar 84826437. Great work and at great price! Also does home construction and remodeling.

I went to "edit" and added photos but althought they are listed as "attached"... they do not show up on the post. Any more suggestions, please?

Pic here.... http://www.nicaliving.com/node/21902 ...... and here.... http://www.nicaliving.com/node/21903

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Yes, please add some photos

Yes, please add some photos when you get a chance!

I've Never Been

able to get more than one photo on NicaLiving. Sometimes just one photo doesn't tell the story.

However, The Real Nicaragua allows multiple photos, and the process there is a bit easier, and photos can be added as part of a thread reply.

Unfortunately, you can't link to a specific "node" as you can on NicaLiving, at least I haven't figured it out yet.

Were YOu Able

to get everything you needed, pumps, filter, plumbing stuff?

What kind of pool construction?


Concrete pool. Got a great price on a sand filter and Hayward pump combo in Managua. 1 hp motor. Got the skimmer, drain and returns there too. The pool is about 10,000 gallons so is not huge but not tiny either. I would love to post a pic but it says the pics are too large.

Re Size the pics

In Windows Live Photo Gallery go up to properties and then click re size


Did what you suggested and the pics apparently downloaded onto the post but don't show up after I clic on "submit"! I tried posting just one pic at a time with no success either. Not sure what to do next.


done and done... thanks

Well, at least I thought so. I "edited" the post and added the pics. Guess I have to wait to see if they show up!

The other way

The other way is to choose "Create Content" and then "Image" and that lets you put it in a photo gallery instead of a forum.

Thanks sball

That suggestion worked!