Nicaragua U-turn on pesticide ban

Newsroom Panama reports on what sounds like one more political game. Sounds like it is a ban but industry doesn't like it. Sorta sounds like the US EPA.

ONLY a week after imposing a ban on prohibited agrochemicals,the Nicaraguan government has taken a step back and is allowing entry to supplies already purchased by companies in the agricultural sector.

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That's a bummer, those 12

That's a bummer, those 12 are some nasty chemicals, all are already banned by the WHO.

sounds like a kinder, gentler govmint

If these were chems in common use and the ``u-turn`` only applies to merchandise in transit, it seems like the govmint is just avoiding screwing companies that ordered in good faith.

``Socialism works fine until you run out of other peoples` money``

Margaret Thatcher

The article says both

That they were allowing in chemicals already purchased, and repeated twice that industry groups are freaking out about how are they are going to replace the prohibited products.