Nicaragua documents from Wikileaks

Some time ago Wikileaks added a sophisticated search mechanism to their site. It was needed because of the huge volume of documents there. The search allows all sorts of filtering as well as the typical "keyword in subject" and "keyword in body" options. It is available at Here are some result statistics:

  • Nicaragua in the title: 7326 documents
  • Nicaragua in the document body: 20,692
  • "Daniel Ortega" in the title: 516
  • "Arnoldo Aleman" in the title: 26
  • Sandinista in the body: 3032
  • CIA in the body: 104,786 (but only 1263 if you add contra)

Have fun.

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Straight from the horse's (eagle's?) mouth

Thanks. Invaluable. "Chamorro' gets 943 hits. Starts with the 'Kissinger Cables.'

Let the sun shine, let it shine in. . .