Hard To Believe

The Huff Post would say anything negative about a fellow traveler, but here it is:


The Real Nicaragua also has an interesting thread about the inability of BanPro to meet their obligations. The poster relates how he is unable to remove his funds even though they show in his account.

Moving large sums of money is getting more problematic. Keeping large sums around is also an invitation to disaster.

Multiple transfers of smaller sums do not seem to cause problems, nor do regular and routine ATM pulls. Nicaraguans DO NOT want their pay in any form other than cash -even if it's just because the line at the bank can be a couple of hours (or more) long. Western Union in Nicaragua has a $900 limit (or at least the office I routinely use enforces one). Beyond that you have to fill out a form with your personal information, references with cedulas and addresses and phone numbers, and the purpose of the funds.

At some point however, you are faced with the need for a larger sum. The BanPro thread highlights the need to be VERY careful where you wire your money. Banks fail everywhere, of course, while I was in CR one of their larger banks bit the dust.

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Cause and effect

When I see something like this in an article I tend to ignore the whole article.

Under the Somozas, before Ortega came to power, Nicaragua was the second most successful nation in Central America, trailing only Costa Rica. Now, Nicaragua has the second lowest rating in all of Latin America for the well-being of its people, according to the 2011 UN Development Report.

It's true but just tossing it into an article without explaining it (say, adding "thanks to Ronald Reagan's illegal war against Nicaragua") just destroys the idea that the author is trying to be objective.

Now, as for fellow traveler, are you suggesting that AOL is in bed with the Sandinistas?

He thinks the Huffington Post is left-wing

The other thing is possibly exaggerating with statistics. I'm curious what the real spread in income/COL is between the several countries and regions within the countries.

The third thing is that average income can look pretty good when some people are making several millions a year and other people are making less than $5 a day plus what they can grow in their spare time or off-season from the landlord's export cash crop. Natchez was once the richest city in the US per capita, but they made that by not paying their help back on the farms anything. CR had less of that sort of economy than did Nicaragua, somewhat like places in upstate NYC or parts of New England which were poorer than the slave holding parts of the South, but with less income spread, better education.

Rebecca Brown

More Huff Post


Huff Post isn't left wing? Bill always refers to it as the "left wing Huffington Post".

This is interesting too:

Putin is sounding a bit like Hitler in the late 30's. Bye bye, Ukraine and Belarus, and maybe Lithuania as well. Snowden picked a winner: plenty of personal privacy rights in Russia,, a beacon for the world.


Is it my imagination, or is the NYT moving towards the center? Could the slobbering love affair with BHO finally be over?

Will Russia flex their new found muscle in CA, specifically in Nicaragua and Venezuela?