Michael Ratner on Cuba

The Real News Network has a feature called Reality Asserts Itself. They have just concluded a seven-part interview with Michael Ratner. It is chronological and pretty much presents how Ratner's life evolved based on what was happening in the world. (He is now about 70.) The whole series is very interesting and well worth watching.

Of particular interest here, however, is part 4 which is titled Puerto Rican Independence Movement and Cuba Further Radicalized Me. Starting at about 8.5 minutes into the interview he talks about his 1973 trip to Cuba and Paul Jay calls him on being a human rights lawyer but saying good things about human rights in Cuba.

His answer talks about different rights. In particular, he talks about how Cubans have economic rights. He makes some interesting points that most people in the US don't think of as rights. Agree or not, it will increase your understanding of what human rights should mean.