New Passport

For someone needing a new US passport, the San Diego passport office at 401 West A Street will provide a new passport in a few hours.

No proof of travel is needed, but an on-line appointment IS needed. I made my Monday appointment with a Friday evening phone call (automated 24 hour service).

My appointment was 12PM,, I finished the process at 1PM, had my new passport by 3:30PM. You need your old passport (or a copy, or at least the number); additional photo ID (I'm in the middle of a new drivers' license too, so I used my concealed weapons permit). A photo taken within 6 months (service close by is pricey!), a filled out application which you down load with instructions. Exact change if you pay in cash, or a CC.

I was out of space, starting to use personal information pages for stamps, and adding additional pages was $145. There may have been an expedite fee in addition to that, I don't know. The completely new passport with the expedite fee was $195.

One thing I didn't know is,, you can get twice as many visa pages for the asking, no additional cost. This might save some future grief.

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Why not use the Embassy?

I know the U.S. Embassy takes a couple weeks to get a new passport from experience. But why the San Diego office?

us consulate mga

Does it in 10 to 14 calendar days if they don't lose it for 110usd. 5 Weeks if they do lose it.

You have to judge the cost of 2 or 3 trips to Mga if you do it incountry.

New passport has 2 more pages for visas and is stiffer and has a caution to not tweek it because it has electronics inside. Other than that, I noticed my hairline has receded a tad since 10 years ago.

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Because I Couldn't

get another trip out of my passport, there simply wasn't any more space for stamps;

I was in California and needed to turn fast with another load of stuff;

LA office (which I used before for a one day turn) required proof of travel and that's hard to provide when you are driving;

I had some clients to see in the San Diego area anyway.

I was pleased with the experience.

Friendly advice

You could always try buying a refundable airline ticket. I've used (read: abused) this for a variety of purposes. Pay with a credit card and you don't even need the cash to be able to support this operation!