Satellite internet equipment and Nicaraguan law?

I've been in touch with an outfit in Houston that can provide internet via SATMEX 5 or SATMEX 6 to our remote spot in Nueva Segovia using a 1.2 meter dish and a transmitter. Does anyone have experience getting a small transmitter and cable through Nicaraguan customs? Likewise, is it easy or even possible to pick up a dish that size or thereabouts in Nicaragua? Are there laws about having a transmitter for personal internet use??? Man, do I feel ignorant!

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I have A Complete

HughesNet setup you can have for free . . I had it up briefly in Key West . . .it's been in storage every since.

I have good internet in both Condega and on the farm, I don't see any use for it.

What I need is DirecTV,, but I think it's going to take a 3 meter dish. They are expensive new, but used sell cheaply (especially if you dismantle the dish and pick it up). That size, they dismantle into manageable sections . . .I get SOME of the content I want over the internet, but there's nothing like clicking on a remote and choosing between 900 + channels.

I have quite a bit of HughesNet collateral info, install instructions that you are welcome to, most of it is pdf's. PM me with an email address . . .. I have an installer's license (to report the installation to HughesNet and turn it on),, I don't know if it's current, but easy to get, one day course.

My experience with Hughesnet was, it works fine, but it's comparatively slow, and if you move a lot of data, you get hit by the "fair use" policy. Things may have changed,, it's been a while.

I know of at least one frequent poster who used HughesNet for quite some time .. . . maybe he'll chime in with his experiences.


Many thanks! The guy over in Houston gave me a rundown on the slowness and throttling once we hit a limit mark. I'm not expecting too much, no VOIP or movie downloading. Mostly we'll use it for keeping up with news, doing agri-research, etc, and supplementing schoolwork for the kiddos. Having even a relatively slow connection for that stuff is a giant leap over waiting to go to Ocotal and do it. The trick will be to keeping the kids content with not going to YouTube for the latest Biebermania stuff! No easy task there.

Given my near total lack of satellite knowledge, I think the installation course would do me a world of good and well worth the drive over to Houston to get some skills.

Once You Do

the course you get a Hughes installer number which is necessary to put the system online.

Of course, your friend in Houston could probably do that for you,,,

I understand it's gotten better and cheaper . . .