Commercial walk-in freezer for sale

For sale, a large, used walk-in chiller in excellent condition. With very few modifications the chiller could be converted into a highly energy-efficient walk-in freezer room.

The internal cabin is 8 feet X 8 feet X 10 feet high, which is large enough to hold literally tons of food or seeds.

The compressor is a top-of-the-line 2 HP Copeland (single-phase), and takes R-22 Refrigerant to maintain a medium temperature range down to just a few degrees above zero.

The evaporator/ condenser is a Heatcraft unit and is rated for high, medium or low temperature ranges. With a different compressor it would be able to freeze several tons of food quickly to minus -20F.

The cabin walls and ceiling are made of high-grade aluminum.

The chiller was recently tested and is in perfect working order. It is currently disassembled and ready for shipment and re-installation.

To turn the chiller into a freezer, one only needs to replace the compressor with a different model and change the expansion valve.

For those who wish to convert the unit into a freezer by swapping in a different compressor, we would be willing to sell cabin + evaporator/ condenser separately at a lower price and retain the current compressor.

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What is your asking price?. I may be interested..