Gay rights politics in Nicaragua

Professor Cymene Howe from the Department of Anthropology at Rice University delivered a lecture last Thursday on the politics of sexual rights in Nicaragua in anticipation of International Women’s Day. While my (not being gay) observations have been pretty positive toward acceptance of gay and lesbian lifestyles, Professor Howe's research offers a lot broader view.

The article is available in The Tufts Daily. From the article

Howe also examined the country’s complex perspective on gay and lesbian sexuality. In Nicaragua, she said, dominant, macho men can engage in homosexual activity without being considered gay. However, “passivos,” or more effeminate males, are often targets of prejudice and are labeled with the derogatory word “cochone.” Similarly, more masculine lesbians are often disparaged with the word “cochonas,” while “femininas,” or more womanish lesbians, are often subject to less ridicule.

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My impression is that this is changing

…or I hang out with very liberal people, which is also possible.

There are cultures that don't identify the tops as being gay, and men in general here seem not to worry about being labelled gay for having a male lover on the side if they're the active partner. The Turkish army would bar bottoms (and required photographic or physical proof that they were bottoms) but would draft tops. Don't know if this extends into China or not, but it's common from Arabic/ancient Greek influenced cultures through at least Turkey. It also shows up in some of the Pacific Islands.

LIFE IS HARD by Roger Lancaster also explores this aspect of Latin culture -- and a gay friend who traveled in Mexico heard a lot about the putos and the men relying on the putos weren't considered gay at all.

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All sounds very moderation of course!

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