Sebastian said this tank stand would be sufficiently strong to handle the tank.

Sebastian said this tank stand would be sufficiently strong to handle the tank.

Some other helpful guys were trying to tell me that I needed some additional cross braces and stuff.

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That stand has no diagonal

That stand has no diagonal bracing for the legs. If it were steel tubing it would be fine but not when it's made of wood. I'm guessing it'll be pretty wobbly from end to end when the tank is full of water.

Um, no

Tank and water weights 1,200 lbs. No wobble (Sebastian worked to make sure it was level).

Static compression load, mostly, this side of getting a horse to shove it.

Legs are dowel pinned mortise and tenon, looks like. It's oak.

Rebecca Brown

Lol OK Rebecca, it's your

Lol OK Rebecca, it's your story. Hopefully the load stays static, because the only thing holding it stiff is wood glue and wooden dowels. The stand has no bracing, that is a fact.

It's a 1200 pound load

The stand with the full tank withstood a 170 lb German sitting on one side. What's holding it stiff is that much weight in compression.

The tank was full of water when he sat on it.

Rebecca Brown

I`ve found

Nica craftsmen to be generally geometrically challenged. Rarely do they have diagonal or lateral support. If it is overbuilt and the welds hold and nobody tries to move it when full, it will probably survive.

``Socialism works fine until you run out of other peoples` money``

Margaret Thatcher

This is a German craftsman, trained carpenter

The Nicaraguans were the ones criticizing the work -- and he finally showed up in the group and reminded them of that.

I have bought bookcase, table and chairs, kitchen cabinet and now the tank and stand from Sebastian.

The stand is oak. He build one like it for a 300 gallon tank, same dimensional lumber.

Point is with 1,000 pound or so of tank and water, it's going to take a hell of a shove to move it -- and I'm not allowed to keep horses in the house.

The weight, as Sebastian pointed out, is the support -- and the tank is part of the holding things together.

Rebecca Brown

If this is wood..

there isn`t enough of it. I`ve seen homebuilt tanks in the US made out of 2 x 4s, to support only half the length of your tank. You need to worry not just about cataclysmic failure but also about slow warping over time that will cause the glass or seams to break.

``Socialism works fine until you run out of other peoples` money``

Margaret Thatcher

Americans over-build

and 2x4s are pine or fir. This is oak. Sebastian was getting annoyed with people telling me the thing was under-built on the FB aquarium group, and I first posted the photo of him sitting on the side of the tank and when that didn't shut up the critics, he posted that while their concern was well-iintended, it wasn't necessary.

Other thing is that US tanks often stand on wooden floors on joists. This is on a slab. I had a 55 gallon tank on a pine 2x4 stand in the US.

He said his father had a 60 gallon tank in Germany set on angle brackets on a wall. The construction of the tank is what matters and it's part of the structure of the stand.

If it fails in my lifetime, I'm out $500 or $600 and I'll eat the fish.

Thing is, I wondered, too, but he made a stand that's graceful and has some small nice furniture touches. Most of the pine stands I've seen, including the one I owned, were completely less than graceful.

Rebecca Brown

It Is A

lot prettier than some 2 x 4's. . .

Sebastian pointed out

... that the loaded tank itself is part of the bracing. Load is spread out over six legs, so circa 200 pounds per leg, compressed load. He put in other braces from to back for the tank -- and then the polystyrene tends to help level the tank and distribute weight, too.

There are some larger cichlids that have been known to break tank glass, but that's a whole different problem, and dinner.

Rebecca Brown

billy bob..

i agree..that would be dangerous to move

You can always bury Sebastian in it

If he's wrong!!

Although I hear that the garbage guys in Jinotega will take anything away!

I told my brother

…that they could bury me in it. Sebastian had another tank that's even bigger on a similar stand, also suitable as a casket in a time of need (circa 300 US gallons).

I think the stand might be sub-optimal in an earthquake prone part of the country, but here's pretty stable.

Rebecca Brown

It is going to be heavy.

That is 992 pounds of water to consider.


have fun playing with it