You Saw It Here

You Saw It Here


Finally,, the canal plan and the dredge that is going to dig it.

I would have thought that they would have made it - - - straighter. Those big ships are hard to turn . . .

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Is this a picture of your personal shrine to Commandante Cero?

I thought he wanted a shrine

I thought he wanted a shrine for Mary .... LOL!


... especially the grenade necklace, or are they matching macho earrings?

A 'serious' note: the March 10 issue of the New Yorker has a feature essay on said Canal, titled:

THE COMANDANTE’S CANAL Will a grand national project enrich Nicaragua, or only its leader? by Jon Lee Anderson.

Since a subscription is required I'll wait til I can visit my local library. Meanwhile here's a free bit:

"A former Marxist, (Ortega) presides over an economy in which nearly anything goes. But he keeps up his anti-imperialist credentials, with fiery rhetoric about “los yankis” and “la revolución” and “el pueblo.” Last summer, when the National Security Agency whistle-blower Edward Snowden was pondering his options during an extended stay at the Moscow airport, Nicaragua’s government offered him asylum."

NYer articles are usually well-researched & thorough.

Price Was Too

steep for me too, $57 for the digital subscription. $67 for print -they really value their content!

I like the New Yorker, pick it up whenever I fly -which isn't much these days!

Thing about the canal, it's still so much speculation . . .$50 Bil, that's a hard payback, a LOT tougher than $30 Bil,, numbers just don't add up,, and there are still a lot of unknowns: Can they even keep the cuts through Lake Nicaragua open ?? The lake is shallow, there's a lot of wave action during storms, the channels are going to fill up with silt quickly. If the lake were another 25 feet deeper it would be less of a challenge.

Someone has to want it for more than its investment value. Do the Chinese REALLY want a footprint in CA that bad?

Maybe Wang will sell the dig rights to Putin . . .

Putin is

a CAN DO sort of guy.

One version is that they will dam the Rio San Juan to keep the lake level high enough. While the National Assembly has not yet passed the Law of Gravity, they can pass laws with amazing speed when they want to..

I think its been plan B all along

A Chinese oil pipeline across the country protected by cheap, Russian trained, Nica troops.

Grenades Are

for when he hits a rock , ,,

I noticed that canal cost is up to $50 billion now, a $20 bil increase in just a year.


That $50 billion is a lot better spent on a canal than the $50 billion spent on the Russian Olympics!!

Couldn't Agree More

When it was announced it was the price of a US aircraft carrier, only $30 Bil.

My argument back then was, we could do with one less aircraft carrier if we could move them back and forth between the Atlantic and Pacific. They are too big for the Panama canal. It seemed to make strategic sense.

This is not an administration with vision (or much of anything else: BHO's foreign policy successes are limited to deciding where Michelle and the girls will take their next vacation). Now we're going to need a coup to boot Wang Jing,, or buy the dig rights from him like we did from the French in Panama. I don't know which would be cheaper . . .

The canal -if it happens- will give a lot of Nicaraguans steady work, something sorely lacking in the country.