Sick Danny

The President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, who turn 69 years old this year and who suffers from lupus, a disease which shortens the lifespan of the afflicted, unexpectedly cancelled a meeting in Managua with the President of Peru, , Rafael Correa.

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"President of Peru, Rafael Correa"

"President of Peru, Rafael Correa" - Rafael Correa is the president of Ecuador, not Peru.

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La Prensa article are interesting ..

I for one hopes he hangs around for a while. I'm not a fan, but he's brought some much needed stability to Nicaragua.

The "Ortega Alternative" has been, and could be in the future, a lot worse. The country is cooking along pretty well right now: . . .there's a Burger King in Estelí. How good does it get ??

I hope Cuba can fix him. . . .until Nicaragua can find a viable successor. Otherwise we might see Cuban and Russian troops patrolling the streets of Managua,, propping up La Chamu.

I moved here

during the Bolanos govmint and things were pretty stable.

``Socialism works fine until you run out of other peoples` money``

Margaret Thatcher

Like electricity?

I suppose stable was one word. Things sucked and nothing was changing. That kind of stability works if you happen to be the folks who have a road to your house, water, electricity, ... but the numbers of those people at least in the Estelí area was a lot lower under Bolaños than since.

Your post assumes that HE has been in charge all this time

and is responsible for all the stuff you talk of.

Maybe a leadership change will be more seamless than a lot think.

All these recent changes in law could have been made to ensure the success of that change and not what we all thought which was that it was all about him continuing.

Power transitions

go more smoothly in dynasties. The King is dead, Long live the King! or Queen in this case. The Kim family has given us the shining path...

``Socialism works fine until you run out of other peoples` money``

Margaret Thatcher

I have to disagree

He would not have made the changes to the constitution which allow him to run for president in perpetuity, if he wanted to leave office.

While I agree he has done a good job overall, he has been working hard to secure his position. This year, is the first year he will have dictator like controls on the country. We will see if absolute power corrupts absolutely.

1st Capt. Ron

(Title by Miskito Alan)

I read in the news this

I read in the news this morning about 5 deaths of PLC and Native Indian opposition supporters on the east coast during the recent elections. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come

More of a "continuation of things past".

PLC claims political motivation. Police say motive was robbery - Familiar story....

The official version is that Saturday night four subjects that make up the criminal group Walpapina entered the house of Absalom Alvarez, 51, in the Belen community of El Tortuguero where they stole money and hunting weapons and subsequently murdered the victims.

Do the constitituitional changes mention him by name?

or does it refer to the Office of the President or Presidential Candidate etc.?

And who said "he wanted to leave office"?...

The changes ensure a Sandinista leadership for ever, not Daniel Ortega by name.

The Chinese Communist Party decided no Mao ever again

It works quite well as a patronage party and recruits the best and brightest to be members. My take on the FSLN is that it's moving in that direction -- and strong patronage parties can make for very stable countries, too, and actually get things done (the public market here, also the sewage and water system renovations). The top of the Chinese CP works by consensus and destroying anyone who tries to set up as the "first among equals."

Rebecca Brown

Office of the President

Politicians are one thing the entire world has in common. Ask anyone anywhere in the world. What is a politicians main concern? The answer: himself, with VERY few exceptions.

The Sandinistas have control over the ballot box and a strong popular majority, they didn't need constitutional reform to ensure they retain power.

" a Sandinista leadership forever" -- The Nicaragua economy may turn south in the future if Venezuela's problems are not worked out. Prices and inflation may increase dramatically. If the Sandinistas loose popular support because of this, things here in Nicaragua may get as interesting as those in Venezuela.

1st Capt. Ron

(Title by Miskito Alan)

The Borge Legacy

The Sandinistas had (and thought they had) a strong popular majority before, and lost.

Of course they needed constitutional reform to ensure they retain power. Why do you think they got rid of the possibility of a second ballot? They work best for the opposition, that's why.

These constitutional changes were well thought out, some were quite subtle and will be used if things get ugly.

Maduro wishes he had had that much time to plan his success.

It's Interesting . . .

if you cook the constitution you don't have to stuff the ballot boxes . .of course it was more than that: cook the courts, and the electoral council as well, so the constitutional changes would pass.

At this moment Ortega's popularity makes him the choice of the people, so I assume we are living the democratic life here. That might change.

Who is the likely successor to the throne?

This could go fast, as it did at the end of Chavez' life. My understanding is, La Chamu is tolerated but is not really popular with the people . . .Perhaps Eden Pastora will finally get a shot at running the show?

They love her

January 22, 2014

The latest popularity contest numbers are out and they show that Nicaraguans are still in love with their Police Chief and the FSLN. M&R Consultants have once again done the leg work for you by polling 16,000 Nicaraguans and have announced that First Commissioner Aminta Granera (Chief of the National Police) leads the contest with almost 80% of those polled being satisfied with her performance. First Lady Rosario Murillo (Head of Citizen and Government Communication) recorded 77.9% and President Daniel Ortega in third place with 77.7%.

The same survey showed that there was a 56.9% support for the FSLN, the ruling Sandinista Party. When those 56.9% were polled individually regarding the popularity of their leaders, they placed President Daniel Ortega first with a 95.7% rating, Rosario Murillo second with 93.0% and Commissioner Aminta Granera third with 85.9%.

Del Sur News


From the Nicaragua Dispatch:

"Perhaps the most curious statistic in the entire M&R Consultants poll is the one that shows that 7.3% of Nicaraguans still don’t know who Daniel Ortega is, after nearly 35 years of being in power or running for president. While Ortega still has a chance to reach out to those uniformed voters before his 2016 and 2021 reelection campaigns, the fact that 7 out of 100 voters are completely unfamiliar with the Sandinista caudillo raises all sorts of existential questions: Can anyone really know the who the president is? Can we ever know anything? And what does likability really mean in a universe made of stardust?"

Quite sure that Aminta Granera is acutely aware...

of what happened to Alexis Arguello, so wouldn't be surprised if she wishes she was a bit less popular!

Argüello died around 1 a.m. local time on July 1, 2009, after allegedly shooting himself through the heart in Managua, according to a report from Channel 8 national television. Reports now say there could have been some foul play involved.

The national police have confirmed the death, but are still awaiting the results of the autopsy.[11][12]

Those close to Argüello are saying he was becoming progressively disenchanted with the Ortegistas and the Sandinista government, and was planning an imminent departure from the Sandinista political party.

Doors of hope fly open when doors of promise shut. -Thomas D'Arcy McGee

Well, It Could Be