A government here to help you

Earlier this morning I read an article about US Corporate welfare with Boeing at the top of the list. (Corporate Welfare) Then I just read a newsletter that actually talks about a government is here to help you. The specific government that is being talked about is Chile and the subject is agriculture but the article is an interesting read.

It is from Sovereign Man. Simon Black can be way out there but this article is pretty down to earth.

The world is full of thriving nations with boundless opportunities where you don't have to serve feckless bureaucrats.

This is a hard mental adjustment. We're programmed to view anything outside of our home country as perilous and to fear the unknown. So many folks would rather suffer in a place they know rather than take a chance on a place they don't.

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What are they helping with?

What are they helping with? I read the article twice and couldn't figure it out.

Just this

In the years since then, there was only one 'emergency' instance in which some guys from the Agriculture Department came to warn us about a plant disease going around which might damage the grapes.

It reminds me of the Nicaragua health department visits where they either bring something to prevent zancudo breeding in your pila or something to kill rats.