Internet censorship in Nicaragua?

Hi everyone! My SO has been unable to load links that I've sent her for at least the last week. Is anyone else experiencing this? I know there was talk of implementing a law about what could be said online in Nicaragua some time ago (maybe a year?), but IDK much about these things.

Help is much appreciated!

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Maybe post some actual links?

Exactly which "" links are problematic.
Do the sites even start to load?
Has she tied a different browser? and a few links there that I tied work just fine.
If Nicaragua had been censuring URLs for a week you can bet it would have made headlines long ago.
Have her try a test site:
Sounds like maybe a name server problem - Maybe her computer settings have been changed.
When I used a Claro USB modem la while ago I had problems if I manually set a name server other than theirs although I can't say this is still true.
Does she use any programs that set up a proxy? Some sites won't load with the proxy I used to need for PayPal & online CC purchases out of the US.
When I used the wireless service out of Rivas sometimes his name servers or proxies or routing tables (whatever) got screwed up and some sites would not load. Had to call him to get that fixed.
Spill the beans - Is she trying to sign up for Obama's Romneycare? ;-)

The entire site

For her, it's the entire website. It could be DNS or could be broken routing. When she routes through a VPN she's fine, so very unlikely to be a proxy. Notably, she has this issue on multiple devices in the household, all on wifi.

It's just weird that it's only the site so far, so it's not like the DNS servers are totally down.

Next step, I'll ask to check and see if it's resolving the same IP address as she's getting via the VPN.

none of that

If it was a router, DNS, proxy issue it would be affecting more people than just her. I would first look on her PC to see if maybe some internet safe browsing software is blocking the site, then maybe take a look at some type of virus that prevents her from accessing the site.

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Yeah, nameserver

Enitel (Claro Nicaragua) has amazingly unreliable nameservers and usually when one goes down the two you are pointing to go down. Run your own nameserver and/or pick something reliable. Fairly fast and easy to remember are Google's: and