Jinotepe mass jail break

Ten prisoners managed to break out of jail last night in Jinotepe at around 4 a.m.

Within half an hour the police were combing through the poorest barrios in town looking for them. This is the first time most residents of these barrios can remember the police entering these places except to sell confiscated goods to the local fences.

By daybreak anti-motin squads had set up roadblocks throughout the city and the army is involved too. This is the heaviest police presence I can remember in town, except just before Easter when the cops circulate through town stopping motorists in order to top up their Semana Santa fund.

The other prisoners in jail were asleep when the escapees fled, but nonetheless, the jail guards decided to toss tear-gas bombs into their cells to make sure they stayed quiet. When the relatives found out, they descended en masse on the jail and rioted in protest. Evidentally a sit-in strike was still ongoing at around noon today.

In other law enforcement news in Jinotepe, a man who sold a woman a fighting cock on credit denounced her to a judge when she refused to pay him (apparently she cooked the cock to make soup). There were witnesses to the transaction and the state attorney decided to lay charges. The first mediation session took place today.

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La Prensa reports that the disturbance began at around midnight the day after a judge handed down a severe sentence against Los Blancos, a crime family in Diriamba. Some of the gang members started a fire and one of them escaped at that time.

I'm told that the others managed to slip away a few hours later, well after the the fire was put out.

Otherwise, I am still trying to find out the basis in the Nicaraguan criminal code for laying a charge against a woman for eating a cock she had not yet paid for. Let the double entendres begin.