Security Warning for Apple users

This has nothing to do with Nicaragua/NL but I decided it is worth putting here because it needs to be publicized as much as possible.

There is a security bug in some Apple software that leaves you exposed even if you think you have a secure connection (to somewhere, such as your bank). The good news is that someone has constructed a trivial test to see if you are vulnerable.

Simply go to this test page. If the page actually opens, you have the bug. If you get an error message, all is well. The message should say something along the lines of "Secure Connection Failed".

For the geeks out there who don't have the bug but want to read the details, just toss the :1266 from the above URL and you will see the blog post anyway.

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Non-geeky info

The other info has been rather geeky. Here is an explanation for non-geeks.

Was this a bug for NSA?

There is a bit of speculation about that on DaringFireball.