Claro is pissing me off - again!

It is time to bitch about Claro. When I first moved here 5 years ago, Claro offered serveral english channels. These channels included Fox news, ABC, NBC, and CBS. Five years on, and now just CBS is available in Matagalpa. Tonight even CBS is off the air. instead a Catholic channel is on. I really don't care about that, The reason I have Claro cable versus Tele-cable (the other cable company here in town) is because of the English language programming. I cannot even go into the office to bitch because I told Claro to cut my cable several months ago and they have not yet.

I know I am bitching about something I am getting for free, and it isn't very logical, but damn-it I am frustrated. I hope it is just temporary.

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The Image of Hope is the ....

long awaited Catholic Church TV station in Nicaragua in place of CBS.

The channel aired to coincide with the Investiture of Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes.

My image of hope

would be more gringo TV

1st Capt. Ron

(Title by Miskito Alan)


tv cant be beat. You can watch channels in english or spanish. Plus u can get all the sport packages

Sky satellite

I have Sky. I like it, but it does not have ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. (It does have the Fox News Channel, but not the regular FOX entertainment channel.)

I can watch the Superbowl every year, but get the Mexican ads and not the U.S. ads that are frequently very interesting. (I watch some of the U.S. ads on the Internet.)

Claro still has BBC International.

Far superior to any US news shows. Haven't checked to see if anything I don't watch is missing.

Rebecca Brown

yup BBC and CNN

are still in English, but how much of that left wing propaganda can a right wing extremist take?

1st Capt. Ron

(Title by Miskito Alan)

I'd consider both of those to be basically centralist

If you want true left wing propaganda, try the Venezuelan channel, or maybe the French language one, not that I know French more than a very little. Bad production values tend to go with bad politics, left or right.

There are less than ten thousand native English-speakers in Nicaragua, so Claro doesn't really need to cater to them since this is a Spanish-speaking country. Netflix gives me things in Spanish or Spanish-subtitles.

Rebecca Brown

you comments

are probably more accurate, but less chucklesome :-)

1st Capt. Ron

(Title by Miskito Alan)

Is it possible to make North

Is it possible to make North American dishes work in Nicaragua?

Dish Network

From the US, with a US subscription, just bring the receiver box. Here in Nicaragua buy 2 dish of 2 meter diameter each. Point one at 119*, and the other at 72*.

Yes, but you might not find

some of the ingredients!

Maybe @ Oriental

You need a 39" offset dish and a clear view as per dish pointer. You want the Sat @ 119


Just happened here in Managua as well!! I only have a few more months though.

keep bitching..

its good for u..when u quit..ure dead

Not hard to bitch about claro..

To keep their billing straight I bought a dry erase board with markers in 3 colors to keep up with their antics. Going to internet billing helps a lot but you still have to watch them..

But , back to TV. We have claro satelite which was the only thing available in our area. Picture quality is fine, as is the availability of service. Storms occassionally cut the service, but usually not for long. For $20 they have a variety of channels from great to dundo.

Their weakness from my perpective is the lack of language and subtitle choice-- particularly frustrating is that on some channels English language programs are available only in Spanish. On others there is a choice of English or Spanish and occasionally Portugese listed as English.

It seems that they must be contracting for channels from different countries and each brings its own language choice.

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