The Alcadia's Sewage and Water System upgrades continued

The Alcadia's Sewage and Water System upgrades continued

Taken with the new 16mm lens on the A 3000 that I bought in Jinotega. Nothing egregiously wrong with lens -- though the Sigmas are reported to be sharper (19 mm Sigma is still not as wide as this). There are two attachments I can get for this lens that make it even wider or a fisheye lens.

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A little off topic but.... Years ago I traveled for a month with a younger brother in Europe. We had a great time but he had lenses, brushes, tissues, a bag, film and a camera. I had a point and shoot camera. We were in Lisbon and he was preparing to take my picture with his back to the river. I kept saying " one more step back Bert." The look of betrayal on his face was priceless! One more step and he and his camera would have been in the river. What are older brothers for? I had great pictures when we got home. He blames the x-ray machine, none of his turned out.

Charles Slane

The Alpha 3000 is being heavily promoted here

Went to the Sony Nicaragua site to see what the phone number for the Sony Store in the Gallerias was and saw their promo material for this. Film can get screwed up by X-rays, also by having someone mess up on loading the film, or unloading the film. Most digital cameras, even the most expensive ones, can be run on auto-pilot.

This one runs around $300 in the US, more expensive here. I'd like to get the Alpha 6000 when it comes out and/or a new body for the Micro 43rds system, which will supposedly do faster autofocus.

Film cameras seem to be obsolete here -- and I suspect that most people have their cameras in their phones. The Sony folks show examples of a phone photo, P&S photo, and a photo from the Alpha 3000, and the differences are there, just not spectacular.

The other thing is nobody seem to stock spare batteries. I'll have to figure out how to get them here. Called the Sony Store and nope. This matches the Samsung Store for not having spare batteries for their phones. Fortunately everything charges with a micro USB cable and I figure that I can use the phone's charger on everything else. I do like having spare batteries for cameras.

Rebecca Brown

hey looks good to me...

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