Purify your own water

I just saw an article that might be of interest to someone living in rural Nicaragua (or in a US city where they put chlorine and fluorine in the water). The article is titled How to build a solar-powered still to purify drinking water. It appears in OffTheGridNews which probably has some other interesting articles.

The construction is pretty low-tech but I think it is a bit overbuilt. I am sure a Nicaraguan can come up with a cheaper implementation. The only critical components are a sheet of glass and silicon caulk.

For the water pans the builder uses Pyrex. I have seen a lot of relatively thin stainless steel ones (Las Segovias in Estelí typically has them) which would seem like a reasonable alternative.

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I know how these solar

filters distiller's work and they wont' be as easy to use or produce as much as a simple bio sand filters used here by the country schools.

These bio sand filters are already made up and can be bought here easily, however it is important to note they are not used properly by the schools here and could not be working correctly as a result.

Here they are taken out for summer when school is no longer in service and this is the main problem. They take one month just to have the bio part build up to the point that it can start working properly and then water must be poured through it daily, however they can last 20 years? or so.

I would like to have both as the solar filters are more of a distiller and having distilled water for some things like re-filling batteries is a good thing to have around.

interesting ..

read..i dont drink the spring water up on the farm

sorry - not rural

Been drinking municipal water in Leon, jodido, for 8 years now. Ok, half the year. The other half I slugged down over-chlorinated, fluorinated & filter Jersy aquifer water. That's New Jersey, not the English farmland.

I saw the topic and immediately thought of Kevin Costner in 'Waterworld'. My bad, brought on by reading too much about apocalyptic climate change.