Free Sandinista sponsored fair

For the last week a fair has been open here in Matagalpa. It is free. I think that is pretty cool, as some people are so poor they would never have the chance to go otherwise. I am sure this gives the Sandinistas more popular support, but so be it.I think it is a good idea both socially and politically.

Unfortunately, there have been a couple of issues regarding safety and security

There was a cable car that fell to the ground injuring a few people, no one was killed thankfully.

I noticed the neighborhood drunks and thieves were not going to the fair, so I asked them why noy. They said that there are too many thieves there. ha-ha.

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Sounds like

the one they had in Esteli a month ago. It must be making the rounds.

``Socialism works fine until you run out of other peoples` money``

Margaret Thatcher

The Lines In Estelí

were impossible, but all the rides WERE free. Vendor competition drove the price of gseosas and chips down to very affordable numbers. It was a popular traffic jam on a highway that is an on-going traffic jam . .. for what seemed like a month. Instead of traffic easing a bit at about 6 like it usually does, it became worse and stayed that way until after 10 PM. They had a lot of transito out managing traffic, and not bothering anyone.

Jayro took his extended family, I let him use my car ..... (remember that old - cram as many people as you could into a Volkswagen-- craze? These guys would have won) -- - neither of us knowing it was a big no-no, NIcaraguans are not allowed to drive foreign registered cars. Weird.

Despite the lines, they had a great time, stopped back in Condega late to drop off the car but half the kids were asleep (can't remember how many,, they were piled on top of each other like kittens). I told him to take everyone home and bring the car back in the morning.