House or two apartment for rent in Jinotega

My old house in Jinotega on the corner of Calle Yucapuca and the next block from where I am now is for rent again, both sides. Reasonably middle class Nicaraguan neighborhood, has a shared nice backyard between the two houses. Rent per side was $100 US a month when I was living there, but I suspect that they'd be willing to rent the whole house for circa $175 to someone who'd be there for a while. One upgraded power circuit with a true ground and a new sink on the side I used to live on. Closets and two bedrooms on the other side. Funky but good for renting for a year or two while learning Spanish and local customs. Near restaurants, small hotels, gas supply that delivers tanks, walking distance of country side.

The owners have had a price for the house that's well over what anyone has been willing to pay for it in almost four years. Negotiate for a contracto (lease) and an agreement that the house will not be for sale while you're renting (you can refuse to show it as my neighbors on the other side did when we all lived there. I haven't seen a "Se vende" sign in a while as I think they've realized renters who don't trust they can stay somewhere are likely to leave.

My half had a sala, kitchen, bedroom with the bath behind the bedroom, which was fine for one and which may be fine for a couple, but doesn't work well for guests. The other half had a sala, kitchen, and two bedrooms with the entrance to the bath either off the kitchen or off the sala (saw once, don't remember all the details. Parking space outside but inside the patio/backyard fence and walls. Very good neighbors.

No appliances in either side of the house.