Internet Tower Completed

Internet Tower Completed

Franklin and Jayro pose next to the complete tower. This will serve as support for a variety of antennas, and also the weather station components. If you look behind Franklin's hand you can see the wind velocity / direction indicator.

The components have a WiFi link to a computer program that samples the sensor outputs and collects a weather history. There is not much weather information available for the north of the country.

Materials and labor (including the Claro paint job) cost right at $200 for the 6 meter tower. We hauled it to the farm yesterday evening .. . The tower was very well crafted, straight and square. The base is 1.5 meters wide and will be bolted to a concrete slab that we are pouring on top of a large rock outcropping that is about 2 meters high. You can search for - Promised Land - to see the rock.

Franklin asked me to mention: "If anyone else needs a tower, you can give them my number ..."

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Great looking tower, and

Great looking tower, and $200 is crazy cheap! I can't even find a rusted out old t.v. tower round here for that.

I found some in Somoto.

I found some in Somoto. About 3 meter sections. Owner asking $50.00/section I think. These are much smaller than what KWP made. My guess, approximately 16" / side in a triangle.


Those are the typical "Enitel-like" towers. If you go to the Claro web site you will find tower prices which, as I remember, are about $70/section. When Claro does an install they seem to typically get a local guy to make the tower sections (and probably pocket the $20 difference).

Towers (everywhere) tend to be in 3 meter sections. The white/almost-red paint is a requirement and it needs to alternate in 3 meter/10 foot intervals so airplanes know how tall it is. The smaller towers are made from sections of EMT (thin-wall electrical conduit).

Makes Sense

on the color spacing. We didn't know . . .

I was trying to make it look like an official Claro tower so it wouldn't draw unwanted attention.

The tower was made out of tubo quadrato 1.5 " chapa 16, and the ladder is round 3/4 tubo, chapa 18. The base is 2 inch angle. The base will be bolted to the slab.

Franklin tends to overbuild. His last project was an arch for a deck roof support, we were both hanging from it with absolutely no deflection on the level.

I managed to talk him down on the arch size for a 9 by 24 meter grow house we are building. The arch span is the 9 meters; the roof doesn't support anything except the cloth and its own weight. We may hang some shade cloth from it, but again not much weight. I got him down to 3/4 quadrato chapa 16 . -- 8 " width on the arch, 12 inch rise with what I know as a "collar tie" supporting the center of the arch.

On the one hand, I like the idea of building something that will be here long after I'm dead. On the other hand, my engineering side rebels at the overkill.

The cloth is cheap enough, I paid $275 for a 6.6 x 250 meter roll (bought in Honduras), I heard that it's cheaper in Guatemala where it is manufactured.

We saw miles of these cloth "grow house" structures in Mexico, and are seeing more and more of them in Nicaragua, mostly used to grow tomatoes.

They basically block insect access to the plants, insects not only dine on the plants but are the vectors for a lot of plant diseases. Quality cloth is good for three years, and I think more and more growers are seeing the benefits of trading pesticide dollars for the cost of a structure. Buyers are demanding less pesticide use on their vegetables and fruits; and for Mexico, a truck full of vegetables turned back at the border because of pesticide contamination is a significant financial loss.

Tower's looking good! You

Tower's looking good! You can set up a cyber café for the locals.

The blue arched structure is that the shrine you were looking to put a statue of Mary inside of?

Yes, I'd Like To

find something for the shrine . . . I'd also like to figure out some way to level it

Time has been very short though, so the statue is not high on the list. To complicate matters, the list gets longer instead of shorter.

Cyber cafe, I don't think so,, but this will be the first internet connection in the area, so there will be some pressure on me to share my good fortune. Cyber Cafe might be a way to control the access.

La Lima and Venezia are only an hour from Condega on a twice daily bus,, but as they say: "It's a whole different world".

At least I don't have to spend two hours on a horse, like one of our long time posters does to get to his Cacao plantings .. :)

will u please ..

quit picking on me..its only 50 minutes..looks like things are looking good ure way..congrats..and keep posting..i hate to say it..i do read ure posts

I'm Dying

to get up to your farm some day . . . I still have the original pics of your wife posing in front of a waterfall, some others you posted a couple of years back. The good life ...

Fifty minutes does sound better than 2 hours,,, my butt hurts less already.