Fukushima and the West Coast

Opinion varies but many people who live on the US West Coast are concerned about radiation from the Fukushima disaster. Some are concerned about other parts of the Pacific coast of the Western Hemisphere.

News on dangers is all over the map. Well, I just found a a web site called Fukushima Shield that seems to be a good resource. By resource, what I mean is that it has some content but also lots of links to other content.

Opinion still will vary all over the place (the scariest concern seems to be eating fish from the Pacific) but it is a good place to start looking for more information.

If you think you are safe in Nicaragua, I did see one map that shows radiation distributed down to the coast of Chile.

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Real news is hard to come by

Thanks Phil for bringing this subject up. I have been following it since the day it happened and I was in Hawaii at that time camping in a park that 1947 had a school that was wiped out by a tsunami. I told some friends what was going to happen a year in advance to migratory fish and how they would be the first to be radiated on a large scale and they were shocked that I had told them this a year in advance only to see that happen.

There is a main stream media blackout on this subject and it goes very deep. News that is making it main stream is leaving out or twisting most facts about this event, so one has to dig deep until you get a good handle on what is real and what is not.

This may or may not be our undoing. We now know since the event that 300-600 tons or more each and every day of highly radioactive water is put into the Pacific ocean. Most plume maps are bogus, but in the end it will be in all the oceans period. I am in the water here almost everyday and this is a top concern of mine. They say the big plume or plume is to arrive this year to the west coast, but it arrived years ago and it is the major plume that is pounding it now and this is to continue for years. They have already admitted that they will dump all of it in the ocean including what is now stored in tanks on site.

I own two radiation detectors and none are here at the moment my latest a nice digital one. Why bother owning one? If you rely on others to tell you it is safe or not than you on the way to dead or at least an early grave. In Japan they post the amount of radiation that is in that product next to the price, in the US safe levels for consumption are set at 12 times what the Japanese are allowed to consume. Contaminated Japanese rice is mixed with non contaminated rice until it meets the max standards for consumption, so poo poo what you want and go ahead and eat up it's all good, right?

The air column is so radiated that pilots and others in the air daily are in big trouble, but so are we, as it is now mixed throughout the world and comes down with each and every rain fail and works it's way up the food chain to us.

So keeping your immune system way up is the 1st thing to do and then you better know what your eating. I believe it's only a matter of time and would like to see that chart showing Chile and the rest of this coast for radiation. For this moment in time I believe the only thing keeping Nic safe is the Ecuadorian current belts and I personally have interviewed a fisherman friend of mine that lives here and spends months at sea and he has told me that he has seen no changes for the 3 years that I asked him about. I observe the crabs the fish and the birds and what's on the shores every day and will say it healthy at this moment in time.

But for the US coast to Baja I would have nothing to do with it and I am glad I did not buy some land in Hawaii at the time I was there and that is why I was there.

I'll leave you with this, in the end they have no idea how to deal with this and they are talking about using liquid nitrogen to freeze the whole thing, but there is the other option not being talked about, but is on the table and I believe in the end is what will happen and that is after maximum damage is done to all life on earth and we are falling off like flies they will nuke the site and that reaction will neutralize it, but it will also send all that up into the atmosphere and what it contained in a nuke plant compared to a nuke bomb in the way of deadly radiation is allot worse with many man made radiations.

I do have a short and long term solution to curb this from happening again. Fukushima should be turned into a resort for any and all pro nuke people period. You can stay for free, fish with no lic, grow any kind of food you want, and we encourage you to swim in the pool as much as you want. We should start with the queen of England that owns the uranium mines and has the industry push her poison to the world and then add the rest and anyone who says other wise needs to put their money where they mouth is and go spend some time there.

In Germany you cannot still eat the mushrooms or wild pigs in the forest to this day and that was from the last one. But there's more, Bill Gates and friends that are in the business of the Great Culling have almost finished their artic seed vault, there area many others in the world but this one it king. I call it an Ark. GMO crops are not enough to justify an Ark and only something like radiation could wipe out every seed on earth and would justify saving, so what do they know we don't?

Darin's theory has just been put into pratice will you survive?

In the environmental field

In the environmental field we use radio-isotope levels to look at sediment deposition patterns and age. All this extra material will require re-calibration of models.

Svalbard Norway

Received in February another big shipment of seeds among them US seeds.

It is now 5-6 years since it was open but they are fare behind the schedule, there is only like 700.000 plus seeds there of the billions that exist. There might have been private donors, but I do think it is a UN program where Norway is involved and even have taxed 0.1% of agriculture industry in Norway to keep it flowing.

This is stored in permafrost, old coal mine fare under ground, well we know what happens to permafrost this days with ice and snow melting up there and ice bears are dying of hunger.

They might have to install a giant freezing system in a few years because the temperature is raising and accelerating

Future is not exact science any more, nobody really knows, or the guys that knows cant speak up, we don't know the real truth.

I'll get you another opinion

There is a research scientist with Atomic Energy who likes answering questions from the public. I just e-mailed him.

According to Dr. J, my very brief excerpt from 2 e-mails

It was a disaster of unprecedented proportions. However, Chernobyl (I asked him to compare them) was far worse for health effects because it sent a plume of radioactive gas into the atmosphere. That's health effects from the radiation because the tsunami itself caused 20,000 deaths.

What was startling about Fukushima to scientists was it sustained 3 simultaneous core meltdowns very early on with the scientists unaware of it for 2 months because the outside radiation levels didn't have the signature of exposed molten fuel that you would expect with a meltdown. And despite the plant's containment being destroyed, both the radiation and contamination were localized to the plant - extremely good news. In effect, judging by the radiation levels, 3 simultaneous meltdowns occurred with the world unaware if it. So there are no health concerns outside the boundary of the plant itself.

PM me if you want to see the e-mails or want his e-mail address.

NBC growing balls

There is a good post with the public and non-public info from the NRC on NBC News. I have no first-hand knowledge of the Fukushima mess but I did work at Hanford at the time when these old GE nukes were being promoted as safe. I also have first hand knowledge of the differences between NRC public statements and reality.

Did Chernobyl release more nasty stuff into the atmosphere? I think it is likely but it didn't release as much nasty stuff as Fukushima -- it's just that Fukushima has filled/is continuing to fill the ground water and the ocean with radiation.

"GE nukes were being promoted as safe"

When I was in grade school, Project Plowshare was a hot topic. Strings of small atomic bombs supposedly could be used to dig canals rapidly. Hmm.... Let's hope this idea is not tried in Nica.


Good luck to those of you who belive such false info. (So there are no health concerns outside the boundary of the plant itself.)

you have got to be kidding? right? why have you decieded to spread such disinfo? Do you really beleive what this guy is telling you?



In my country, we can still trust our scientists. Our government, I'm not so sure of because they have been trying to muzzle them. I took my questions about Fukushima to a real nuclear scientist rather than reading alarmist propaganda on the web. You're welcome to his e-mails where he explains things in more detail than I did. Alternatively, if you have any specific questions, I will pass them along.

Then since

you have chosen to put your good reputation on the line as well here, then to back this all up you need to provide all of the sources of this doctor's funding, because science group after science group, and an endless list of so called nuke experts are easily tied to the nuke industry when their funding sources are revealed and if you are not willing to confront him on this you loose all credibility and if you ask him and he will not provide it his is lost too.

So it's up to you now to prove why any of us should listen to you or your (insider connection) ?

To trivialize the greatest man made disaster in all of human history to some guy who says there is no impact beyond ground zero to human life is ridiculous.

How are you going to feel when the damage to human and animal life becomes so self evident over time that those like this doctor of yours can longer hide behind the propaganda of the nuke industry.

So before we go any further please be the decent guy that I know you are and have your doctor supply us with his credentials and a list of all his funding over the years.


Solsurfer, your whole attitude sucks. Kind of dramatic, aren't you? Obviously - because you believe I must "confront" him because you "know" he's hiding everything and you "demand" his credentials and a list of his funding.. and apparently you believe you're speaking for everyone else here too. What's wrong with you?

I don't even need to ask him. He's a reactor physicist, specializing in CANDU reactors, at Chalk River Laboratories, and the manager of Non-Proliferation and Safeguards at Atomic Energy of Canada. Clearly, he's in the nuclear industry because that's where you find nuclear scientists - duh! All of this is clearly stated on his website and his LinkedIn profile for everyone to read. (Obviously, he's hiding from us.)

Since 1996, he has run his own private website to answer questions from the public about nuclear energy because there is so much misinformation. I encourage you to use it: www.nuclearfaq.ca

I noticed you didn't take me up on the offer of seeing the long e-mails he sent to answer my questions. For that matter, the "trivializing" might only be my editing job since he did call it a disaster of unprecedented proportions. In the US, you have had real problems with your nuclear facilities like fyl's example of Hansford. You end up with private for profit industry fighting with public groups, distrustful and openly antagonistic towards each other. That's not how you're going to learn/solve anything. Our experience has been completely different where nuclear power started with Atomic Energy Canada, a crown corporation, and has only been going through privatization more recently. As a career government scientist, that means he works for us, and as I said previously, we still trust our scientists.

we still trust our scientist

Thank god he can't be pressured from your honest government like these guys


maybe this scientist can get a job through your government and know he safe from this kind of thing after all Canadians would never allow this kind of thing to happen in their country.

What do Canadians do when they find someone who works for them is lying? I know in the US we encourage them to lie to us even more, is it the colder weather that makes them so much more honest and willing to work for the people instead of themselves?


When you have the opportunity to question a real expert, why don't you do it instead of flinging articles and sarcasm? It makes no sense that someone who claims to be deeply concerned doesn't want to get factual information.

Here's where my sucky attitude is coming from.

My attitude comes from my deep concern for my fellow human beings.

My heart felt concern/attitude for all those already affected in Japan, my heart felt concern for the crew of the USS Reagan, for the entire eco system of the Pacific Ocean and all the lives with in it.

To be honest I am also pissed as heck about this whole thing as my 30 years worth of work so I could spend my retirement days inner acting with the Pacific Ocean is in jeopardy.

As well as my heart felt concerns for the health and well being of my fellow human beings that do not live near ground zero, but live everywhere else that your expert says are not effected and that includes where you live and for you. Do you understand that radiated soil has been found in your country as well as on US soil?

Did you know that in your country you are allowed by the numbers set by the (experts) 10 times the amount of radiation in your food for consumption than Japan? The US is 12 times with the EPA raising levels when every they feel like it. Again your personal safety is your responsibility and to hand it over to others often ends in a result we should have never allowed to happen and this is always after the fact this becomes evident, meaning the damage to us has already taken effect by the time of discovery.

This post is not an attack on you in any way, although I am more than wiling to take on your expert, but to bring dialog to this problem which the world at this very moment needs to come together on and do so on an independent level to stop what is going to have a massive impact all the way up the food chain.

If the journey to truth was a road trip in which one could drive upon you have taken the car out of the garage and parked it in the drive way with this expert of yours.

In this article this doctor (Dr Janette Sherman) http://www.examiner.com/article/experts-fukushima-off-scale-lethal-radia... claims hundreds of millions of people will be effected. So between let's say with her and your expert the truth is somewhere in between. So one could take the middle ground, but let's just say we give your expert the leading edge of all this and say just one person other than those at or near ground zero have already been effected as this would already be in motion. So with it just being (1) person not living in or around fukushima being directly effected by this event makes the statement your expert said of it being none false, so then is everything else he is telling you or anyone else and by his own admission cannot be trusted.

Your expert and the rest in this industry are the problem and they are the ones that created this disaster. They are the ones who have been poisoning this planet every since they had the opportunity to do so.

But not knowing him personally I must give him the benefit of the doubt and to test his true resolve for something he had a hand in. So to determine what kind of person he really is and the fact that he has superior knowledge in this field then please ask him if he is willing to help by at least replacing one of the homeless that they are now using to help clean up the site and when he plans to go there and do so?

But I am also willing to put my money where my mouth is and I'll offer to debate him on prime time TV on his statements and the advise he has been giving. He should be able to easily clean my clock and send me on my way with my tail between my legs, being I hold no degrees and am just an average joe with no debating experience.

Ask him if any humans are harmed by the uranium put in bullets used by the US military and others? A loaded question for sure, but one that will be brought up in the debate.

Putting one's faith in this guy is like those that put their faith in Madoff. At the end of the day it is still our own personally responsibility to take the things in life that directly effect us into our own hands as much as possible and when we don't we become sheeple and often victims when we hand matters over to others. Take that car out of the driveway, buy a decent radiation detector and start taking your health and that of your family's into your own hands this way you can in the end you can prove to yourself what he telling you is in deed the case or not? Keeping in mind there are no safe levels of radiation as it's accumulative! There will be another point in time here shortly like there was just after the initial event in which the price of detectors went way up because of demand and that day is coming again real soon. They are affordable again for now.


Solsurfer, "my" expert, as you call him, is also a human being living with his loved ones on this planet. The laboratory and reactor where he works used to produce the bulk of medical isotopes used in the entire world. He and his reactor are about an hour's drive upstream from me so, yes, you could say that I'm putting my life in his hands daily. He is part of the Canadian nuclear industry which means he's from the country that gained nuclear power while not gaining nuclear bombs; if you have problems with what your military does, you handle it.

He doesn't seem like the type who would approve of putting uranium in bullets - most people don't - and it doesn't fit with the safeguarding part of his job. In fact, we have discussed how CANDU reactors can use the uranium from nuclear weapons as fuel - they are more flexible with the fuels they use than most. Ultimately, uranium won't be used for fuel and the reactors will be switched to use thorium which is safer.

You're still highly confrontational. I'm choosing my battles and I have chosen to battle the media so you get decent information and don't go off half cocked. Come on, you have decided he's part of the problem just because he works in the industry and you're ignoring all the benefits of nuclear medicine. This is a symptom of what I mentioned in another topic, what results from bad journalism is you think a person has to be 100% for it or 100% against it with no middle ground. Still, I have provided his website so you can "challenge'" him directly if you insist on being a hothead about it. I doubt you will.

I really hope you buy a detector for your own peace of mind and that you learn to use it properly. Don't go hysterical when you find there is natural radiation all around you and then post about it to your 500 closest friends.Your media has you living in fear and educating yourself is the defence. Contact Dr. J when you have questions.

Way too polite but well done.

but well done.


He/she/it lost me at Bill Gates and the Great Culling...


Islander, it sounds like you're just lost, period.

look upthread

While I can neither confirm nor deny my relative "lostness" ...

In the last paragraph of his/her/its first rant he/she/it mention Bill Gates and the Great Culling. I tend to ignore the tin-foil-hat crowd.


Gates mentioned in an interview that there are enough resources for all of us. I think he's trying to fight this talk - don't know what started it.

French also have a good safety record for their nuke plants

Apparently, they're closer to socialized than private enterprise. Chernobyl was just stupid. Three Mile Island was a close call from what Greg Benford, who is a physic professor in the University of California system, told an SF editor and his wife, but all the the nastiness claimed for it afterward seems to be not really so.

Some of the far end of the anti-nuke people protested the set up of a TRIGA research reactor at Columbia and the guy I interviewed was rather bewildered by all the paranoia over the thing. He said a university in the Congo had a TRIGA reactor but Columbia wasn't going to have one because of NYC politics. Didn't sell the story to the people who'd asked about it since it didn't fit their politics on nuclear reactors.

Le Sigh.

The guy I interviewed said coal burning generators (which NYC had in abundance in those days) gave off more radiation than the TRIGA reactor, also houses built with granite give off radon gas.

Coal pollution in the UK killed large numbers of people for generations before the 1950s.

Rebecca Brown


Dr. J said the same thing. While the spent fuel is a longer term problem, shutting down nuclear plants for coal plants means more radiation now.

Does the Doctor also have to prove

That sball is a gal not a guy?

Um...it's not his area of expertise

You monster.

New Proposal Out

to freeze the ground around the reactor, immobilizing the water.

They still have a lot in a lot of tanks,,

freeze it ?

I know this is the latest attempt to look like they can do something to to stop what is in motion, but there is another theory and one which they may end up having to use when everything else has been attempted and that is to nuke the site in order to shut down the whole thing and neutralize it for good?

If this is what happens at the end of the day it will have hard hitting consequences in it's self.

There are no plans to nuke it.

There are no plans to nuke it. That is straight from Dr. J.


Clearly not. Yes, you could temporarily prevent the problem (radioactive water) from spreading but it is not a solution. While refrigeration systems are pretty reliable, having to run one for thousands of years seems like just delaying a real solution.

Fukushima is a serious problem. Three old GE reactors melting down is only part of it. It's location (next to the ocean) is the bigger one. How long until the next earthquake and tsunami?

One of the big problems with (traditional) nukes is that you need a lot of water for cooling. Thus, they are placed next to big rivers on near the ocean. In normal operation the water carries the waste heat away but if there is a problem the water transports the problem as well.

Liquid nitrogen

They have been talking liquid nitrogen for cooling. They actually started removing the fuel rods quite recently and I think it's a 30-40 year cleanup. They can treat the water they're storing in the pool.

There are no plans to bomb anything - that's just stupid. I made a point of asking that question.

I heard a joke about discussions like this the other day

Two conspiracy believers died and knocked at the pearly gates.
The big man up there said "Before I can let you in I need to tell you something:
looneytoon.com was feeding you bad information and mainstream media was right!
John Glenn did walk on the moon, Oswald was the lone gunman that killed Kennedy, and 19 al-Qaeda terrorists did bring down the WTC with 2 hijacked airplanes."

One man turned & whispered to the other "See - I told you it goes all the way to the top."

Old joke maybe but still tells the story.