Time to quit ...

... smoking. Does anyone know whether Champix, Zyban or the patches are available in Nicaragua? Can't find them here in Jinotepe.

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Sounds like you've quit

Sounds like you've quit before; all those products. Well, WC Fields said that quitting smoking was easy! He'd done it thousands of times! I smoked Camels for 25 years, then Marlboros for another five. When drinking, I had to prepare with at least three packs on hand! Before I came down here, I had quit for five years. Frustration, low price, acceptance,etc. got me back into it. I am now at 1 1/2 to 2 packs a day of Belmont Rojos. I need to quit! This month I will turn 70, and I would like to last to 90 or more. Forget the patches, join with me. I'll quit if you'll quit!!!! The only way is to (God I hate to state it this way) just say NO! Call me, we'll quit tomorrow! 8858-6541. RWC

I quit at the age of 11

and so can you. Remember drinking to the point in which you could no longer stand that type of drink anymore or going to that point of doing that again and then making sure you didn't. If your that kind of person this might be for you.

At 11 my brother and our tow friends also both brothers went out into the woods with the stolen cigarettes that I had taken from the family store and over that weekend the 4 of us smoked about 500 cigs a peice, I cannot say for the other brothers if this had the same impact, but my brother and I started and quit that weekend.

About 4 years ago here I tried a cigar and could not finish it and it made me sick, so that method as least for me is still working in my 50's and I can be around smokers and not want one. I am not on an anti smoke campaign and let others make the choices for themselves, it was just never really for me.

Best of luck to you on what ever you find get's the job done.


I'll eventually take you up on the offer. Until then, I quit for six years with the help of Zyban and patches, and if I can do it again for another six years I will be well pleased.

I did it 18 months ago....so far its been quit easy

I picked a date well in advance. It was the day we flew to Canada for a month. Said goodbye to my last Marlboro at MGA at about 6am that day. Have not picked one up, taken a puff or anything since.

My 2 cents... If you are planning on using aids to quit, you are not ready.


Thanks for everybody's input to date.

To return to the point I raised when I started thread: Does anyone know whether Champix, Zyban or the patches are available in Nicaragua?


I have to goto the pharmacy today, will ask.


Just back from the two pharmacies by Galerias mall---on the side of the Grocery store La Colonia--no patches at all! only thing 1 could offer me was a book on how to quit!!

And if your on cholesterol meds--small selection as well at most pharmacies. Simvastatin 10mg seems to be everywhere (generic for zocor) 28 pills was approx $16.50 usd

Quitting Just The