Across Nicaragua with Transit and Machéte, by R. E. Peary (1856-1920)

I enjoy listening to audiobooks as I fall asleep at night, just something that relaxes me. Anyway, I decided to do a search on on Nicaragua and came up with a really interesting presentation by a geographer from 1888, the first year that National Geographic Magazine started.

Lots of what the author said back then still holds true today. The blog post links to both etext and the audio files as you prefer. This is public domain content.

The goal of the survey was to lay out a possible canal route in Nicaragua. Engineers, geographers and laborers laid a line from inland of Greytown on the Caribbean coast all the way to Brito on the Pacific.

It made sense then and it still makes sense, even though I have serious concerns about the damage to the environment.

This is a good read or listen. Some things just haven't changed much if at all! Enjoy!

Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde

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That's a good find.

yep on the thanks

good read

Some fun maps from the era