Check clearing times

Does anyone know how long it currently takes to clear a check drawn from a North American bank and deposited into a Nicaraguan account?

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Many thanks to all who have taken the time to reply. Much obliged for the information.

Mine took slightly less than a month

I was told 15 days, but those were probably business days. I kept an eye on my US account and the check cleared the US bank about ten days before the money showed up in my account.

Rebecca Brown

allow a month

and you will usually be right. I suspect they are floating on your money as it leaves the US account in a couple days .

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Margaret Thatcher

bac..15 biz days..

bancentral..30 days..there the 2 i use

Thanks Andy

Bancentro 30 days .... 30 working days or days including weekends (that is, one month)?

30 days..

including weekends..but remember..they change all this stuff..all the time