We Taste Every

We Taste Every

bean . . ..

Well, maybe not every bean, but every load of coffee that comes into the Buenos Aires is sampled, roasted and tasted by a certified taster. The beneficio is in Ocotal and the coffee is all Dipilto.

Buenos Aires has developed a following in China, Japan, and South Korea. These customers receive their coffee in quintal sized vacuum packed sacks, overpacked in neat cardboard boxes. But, at $450 /quintal Olman can easily afford the packaging, and his new Ford 150.

Off thread, but at EVERY ONE of the beneficios we visited, the owners drove big Ford trucks. The engines are smaller than what we are used to in the US, topping out 4.3 liter, but the trucks with dual cabs look very similar to mine.

Buenos Aires (also a large finca in Dipilto) has a German Probat roaster. In the pic you can see the small bags of green coffee beans that were part of the samples taken as the coffee came into the beneficio. The coffee samples are roasted individually, ground, steeped in hot water for four minutes, and then tested for aroma and taste.

One wall of the tasting room was adorned with Taza del Excelencia certificates; a number of Dipilto growers have won the awards.

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I don't taste coffee unless

I don't taste coffee unless it's in a Keurig cup. Office gave up our coffee brewer year ago. Not very a very "green" way to drink coffee, and it's expensive.