Nicaragua textile exports expected to reach $2.5 billion this year

For Nicaragua, it sounds like a big number. An article in Fiber to Fashion says that textile exports are expected to reach $2.5 billion in 2014. The reality is that it has been higher.

To put it in perspective

Preliminary numbers stated that in 2013 the value of exports of Nicaragua totaled US$2,566 million, 13.95 percent less than the sales of 2012. And the textile sector exported around US$2,150 million, according to the presidential delegate PRONicaragua.

What's missing here is how that $2.5 billion is distributed. That is, how much is profit, how much of that profit actually ends up in the Nicaraguan economy and what portion of the expenses end up in the Nicaraguan economy (wages, external services, ...) vs. imported goods and such for the processes.

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