Cool site for ag, gardening, machinery, etc. Nice fit for Nicaragua -

Cool site for agriculture, gardening, machinery, etc. It seems like a nice fit for NicaLiving -

Thought this might be useful to some users here. It is a site that has a lot of "open source" tools for home, farm, and business. all the tools, etc can be built with standard items that are not branded, model specific, etc.

Here is some of the tools -

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open scource

Appears too be too upscale for this area. Took five trips to the welder to get a tank to hold water! Later, different welder, different town,three trips to repair a gas tank!

Did You Move?

I thought I went by your hill and didn't see your rig ??

Could have been a different hill :)

Yes, moved to Somoto,

Yes, moved to Somoto, opposite Gallo Pinto Restaurant. Beautiful area, nice cool weather, no bugs. RWC